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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Bridal Shower like you woulnd't believe....

I don't know if what I had can be called a Bridal Shower. I know it started out as one - a proper English Tea Party at that, with sweet fairy cakes, tea, egg and cress sandwiches, and of course Pimms - an incredibly lethal English drink. Everything was labeled on the tables with note cards for the American folk ;-) And I even had a flower arrangement in a large tea cup, for the tea party!

The beginning of the party, all proper and sweet was not how the night ended. My 4 PM tea party began like any other. Beautiful people, lovely gifts, and as the majority of the guests left for their homes to finish their weekends, around 6-7 pm..then the party really started.

It began with my bridesmaids and I telling stupid stories of ourselves, and then we come to realize that my one bridesmaid was shooting photos of me opening gifts, straight up my dress the whole time. (No I'm not sharing one) Then I sat down to read the list of gifts to make sure it was all there and realized my hilarious FSIL wrote things out like:

*Long Candle Thing that looks like a dildo
*Funny shaped glasses and towels
*Scale for when Amber gets fat
*incense to hide smell of pot when brother in law comes to visit
* White Towels and smelly shit
*Wine so Amber can continue to drink
*More fu__ing towels

I laugh each time I try to fill out my thank you cards!

The Gifts

My mom, Bridesmaid Mary Jo, Me and friend Mandy

Mary Jo, Ashley, Michelle and I in front - 3 of my bridesmaids

So after the guests mostly left and it was down to family and few good friends we decided to let the men back in. My step dad, FFIL and Mr S came up to join in the party. We ate what was left of the food, attempted to drink what was left of the alcohol - didn't work too well and all in all had a great time.

Not Typical Bridal Shower Highlights:

*Deacon showing up on his motorcycles with a paper bag of "Naughty toys" he bought on his way up to crash the party - which he bought in all his leathers from riding on GAY PRIDE DAY! Including a rainbow colored penis sucker, a handful of penis straws and other items....haha!

Me with my "toys" from Deacon, after several drinks....

*My Father in Law pretending to open beer bottles with his belly button:

after several drinks.....
*Drinking wine through a penis straw, cracking up my mother in law every time she saw me.

Finally at about 1 am, we were all a bit tipsy and very tired. We cleaned up and went to bed. Luckily I felt great this morning which worked out because we all had to be at my nephews 5th birthday party by 11 am! I have a load of wonderful gifts I can't wait to put away and got a bit of a Bachlorette party tossed in at the end of an amazing bridal shower!

We may not have "normal" parties - but we sure do have a lot of fun!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let's Party!

Today is Bridal Shower number 1, thrown by my FMIL and FSIL. We're having a traditional English tea party and I can't wait!

For those of you who don't know, Alex was born and resided in England until he was 12, at which time his family moved here to Minnesota. SO a traditional English tea party was definitely in order for the day.

I have had NOTHING to do with this shower other then providing names and address for the guests. I have no idea what to expect, no idea what games will be played, I'm totally in the dark. Which is completely not like me, I'm normally right in the thick of it helping plan and taking care of details. This will be the first party thrown for me with out me having to do a thing. I mean that literally!

So I'm off to get ready and pack up because we'll be staying over at FMIL's tonight with the fam! Catch you all later :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stupid %&*@!# Post Office.

You can feel free to add any colorful swear word of your choice in the title of this blog. Have fun with it!

I do seriously hate the post office. Want to know why? Well, too bad I'm telling you anyway.

Aside from the simple fact that postage increased AFTER I bought stamps, but BEFORE I mailed out invites....which caused me to have to sell them outright, cheaper then I bought them.


Now they seem to have a total inability to actually get MY mail to ME! Today I finally received my marriage license, 5 days later then I was supposed to. Assumming the county was backed up I didn't think anything of it - turns out the Post Man delivered it to the wrong address and thankfully whoever got it put it back in the mail box with "Forward to correct address" written on it.

Now, I contacted the county just to find out what would have happened if I didn't get it back - I wouldn't have been allowed to reapply for one for like another 3 months...or something like that, I was only partially listening because the anger building in my stomach was being forced out my ears in the form of steam! Basically, I wouldn't have been able to get married if the sweet people who returned that envelope didn't do what they did.

I mean, come on - it's a surprise I got it back because you know you're guilty too of getting something not addressed to you and you toss it out. Yeah, normally if it's important looking you'll put it back in the box...but in most cases - hello trash can city!

So....aside from that - oh yes there's more, haven't you heard things happen to me in groups of shit, not just one little pile here or there. The post office lost one of our credit card bills. Delivered it to the wrong person, dropped it in the gutter, sent it to Bora Bora - who the hell knows! We don't have it thats for damn sure. But we did get the phone call from the company wanting there money....and a LATE FEE!

Now it's not any credit card, it's the one we put the rings on. And we had like 1 chance to pay off something to avoid the interest building because of some strange string of events with the purchase...now we have the interest to pay, the late fee and the actual payment....will the drop the charge...nope. Who believes such a stupid story like "The mailman lost it" it's like telling your professor the dog ate your homework.

I went in, I told the delivery manager...he reassured me that there is "a card" in my box telling people to be careful with my mail. Which concerns me because A) I know "She's a major bitch" is on there somewhere in bright red letters and B) you have to be REMINDED to be careful with peoples mail??? You're the F-ING post office for crying out loud, it's your JOB!


I think I know what happened to the RSVP's 4 people in the state told me they sent back but I've not received.

I hate the Post Office!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dollar Dancing Like You've Never Seen!

I'm all about mixing things up. I like to personalize things, make it more Mr S and I. So when it came time to pick the music for the dollar dance, my heart sunk when the DJ listed off these old standards that would make my 4 year old fall asleep in an instant!

So what idea has hatched in my ever moving mind? Why, I am glad you asked (mostly because I was going to tell you any way..haha)
We are going to have a 1990's Dollar Dance!

The 90's is when Mr S moved here to the United States from England. 1996 and 1998 are the years he and I graduated from high school, respectively. It makes total sens that we do a strictly 1990's Dollar Dance!

Music from the 90's isn't played a lot on the radio with the exception of Vanilla Ice and a few randoms. It's not stuff people hear everyday, it's going to catch a reaction like "OMG, I haven't heard this in forever...who is this again?"

Maybe it will spark more people to jump up and dance with us, not for the money but because we're not really doing a receiving line and this would be a great way to chat with anyone we missed before hand.

So, lets here your suggestions! I get hundreds of hits on this blog daily so all you lurkers out there! Time to leave notes and messages!

What 1990 slow songs should we use for our dollar dance?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to Face The Music

Okay - well today I finally meet with the church about the music. Wait, you say! Didn't you do that yesterday? Oh no. In grad tradition of this church, mere hours before the meeting, she canceled. Something about picking up a sick sister in Iowa.

So today at 1 pm I finally get to hear my music and hopefully find out if it's approved so I can move forward with my programs.

Song's I'm brining with me are:

  • God Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts (I'm walking in to)
  • If You Believe - Jim Brickman (Bridesmaids walking in to)
  • I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman (unity sand song, sung by my Uncle)
  • The Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd (Prelude)
  • Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (exite song)
  • In My Life - The Beatles (postlude)
Fingers crossed I get approved, and that she actually lets me listen to my music....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's one of THOSE days!

ARGH! I couldn't even make you understand how stressful today has been, if I riped you from your life and shoved you into my my shoes.

*I woke up to the cat hacking on a hair ball. Ew.

*Then 10 minutes later the fire alarm went off because Mr S forgot to open the bathroom window while showering and the steam set it off. Scaring Paige half to death - and sending the dog into a howling chorus.

*My daughter seems to have acquired a case of "Broken Ears" over night because nothing I say to her has sunk in, more then usual. Because of which leaving me with bigger messes to clean up, as she's not heard me yell STOP! When she is about to run through the kitchen sopping wet, covered in sand and grass.

*My house phone line is broken, I can hear it ring, but I can not answer it. When I pick up it doesn't connect and we're waiting for the phone company to come out and fix it. Yet, though I'm not answering, my answering machine isn't picking up because it can't since it won't connect, and I can't see who's calling because the ID doesn't work for the same reason - people feel the need to call and call and CALL, over and over again thinking I'm just not hearing the phone. HELLO PEOPLE - try my cell phone! DUH!

*Oh and tonight I have to meet with the music lady at the church who hates me for no real reason and find out if my music is approved.

*After that I have to rush home for Paige's soccer game.

I just want to go back to bed, and try this all over again tomorrow. Is this too much to ask?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Finding a Place in the World

Well, a place at a table I suppose.

I've taken into my creative rhelm the initial idea I had months back, was inspired to chage it by a wonderful blogger - who's place cards I showed off as "wanting badly" a week ago - and from those things, I came up with this:

Instead of putting a different colored ribbon on each to signify the food choice, which I wasn't too big on in the first place - I am putting it on the place card (Thank you Heather of Road to the Aisle for the inspiration!)

I'm going to do a few more, make sure I love it and then head off to bed for the night.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alright. Who's The Smartass?

I excitedly checked the mailbox today for more RSVP's, my new favorite hobby! And As I pulled them out, smack on top is one from over seas - I know this for two reasons; 1) I sent them with no stamp as I didn't have access to proper postage for each of the 3 countries some invites went to and 2) the obvious air mail sticker affixed to it.

The stamp, was the funny part. If you look at the picture you will see it reads "The Curse of Frankenstein" "No one who saw it, lived to describe it" - which is too funny as it's not really "wedding-ish" and has a screaming terrified woman on it...LOL

I held it up to Mr. S and said "Alright, who's the smartass" as most the invites that went over were to his family. He stared at the airmail sticker, oblivious to the stamp - though I directly told him to "look at the stamp" LOL! When he figured it out he laughed, and said he had no clue!

It came from his family's good friend Leslie, and it suits her humor that she would choose a horror movie stamp for our RSVP - haha! I needed a good laugh!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Classy Fishing Themed Invite? Yah You Betcha!

OMG, I am so excited! I just finished my good friend Amy's wedding invites and I feel great! First off it was a nice break from the chaos of my own wedding plans, which today just were out of hand. And Second, to know that I was a part of her special day in such a great way, oh I could cry.

So, her lucky hubby-to-be popped the question on a boat while they were fishing, so she knew she wanted fishing incorporated somehow. She provided me with something she found that she wanted, and I tweaked it to what I could do right now, and this is the final product:

My favorite part of this whole thing is the RSVP - the wording on it, suggested in part by FutureMrs on Wedding Bee and the other wonderfully creative Hive over there:

For yes: We Will Be there Hook, Line & Sinker
For no: Sorry, Gone Fishin'

I think this will be the last project I take on before the wedding. At least a full pocket fold invite. Little things I'm ok with - but since I still have to do her programs, and thank you cards...who knows if I'll have any more time.


Okay, I knew it was going to happen. In some cases I prayed it would so I could send out some B lister invites. But, I have to admit that I didn't expect to feel this way when it finally happened...

What am I talking about? Why receiving my first declined RSVP of course.

Sure it's from my dads cousin, who I couldn't pick out of a crowd if I tired. But I find myself wondering...well why the heck can't they come? What could possibly be more important then MY wedding.

Sigh. What a strange feeling. Weirded out by something I hoped and knew would happen. Gotta love being a girl. LOL.

Kissing Ball

I dropped into my florist yesterday to double check the color scheme of roses I chose and to change a few things. I'm glad that I did because I had a shade of pink that I really didn't want chosen. I also really wanted to change the Flower Girls flowers from a fairy wand made out of a rose - to a Pompadour or as my florist calls them a "Kissing Ball"

Initially I wanted this, but the florist said "Oh, all the kids do it whack each other with them and roll them like a bowling ball"so I went with option to - a tacky flower wand. Even though the Kissing Ball costs more, she's make more off it - still trying to talk me out of it. WTF!? Why do vendors do this. If you don't like what you sell - stop selling it! Simple as can be....

SO when she fainly finishes round two of the "It will be trashed" speech, she than said "Well you don't want it out of roses do you? That would be really expensive" which is fair enough, but why assume I can't afford it? Sweet lady, people skills lacking a bit.

The rose one is $75! So no, I'm not getting a rose one....I'm getting carnations. But...silly me I ordered it with out seeing one made out of carnations - and the florist didn't have a photo of one. Go figure. So I looked one up when I got home and I think it's going to look great. It's still going to be $45 for it, but at least this way if it does get trashed I wouldn't feel too badly about it.

Here it is - what do you think?? I think in the pink shades I picked, it's going to be great!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making a list, checking it WAY more then twice!

At my FMIL's house yesterday I started to make a list of things I have left to do. I think that I'm basically going to have to carry this notebook with me everywhere because things keep coming to me out of the blue, and then I'm searching for post-it note to write it on until I can get it on the "Master List"

You can kinda tell from the photo that on the whole list, I've marked off one thing....well I suppose thats not bad for only havening it one day.

What's on the list? Well let me share with you, maybe I'll remember other things that need to be completed at the same time.

  • Complete Programs
  • Complete Place Cards
  • Bag Crystals for Centerpiece, 1 bag per centerpiece.
  • Make and Print Favor Tags
  • Favor for the Kids (they don't want coasters!)
  • Figure out the Well Wish Cards (Plain/Printed/Both)
  • Get Photos for Memory Table Framed
  • Make Grooms Dinner Invites
  • Marriage License
  • Bring Photo of Bouquet to Florist
  • E-mail Vince About Grandma
  • Reception Only Invites
  • Bathroom Baskets
  • Order Sand for Sand Ceremony
  • Buy Umbrellas for Bridesmaids, in case of rain (rained 7 years in a row on my day!)
  • Schedule Mani-Pedi for the day before wedding!
  • E-mail reception about starch choice.
Where you see empty lines, are things I have completed - I guess I had one more thing then I realized done! Woo Hoo.

And as our beach outing was put on hold today due to what is supposed to be kinda crappy weather, I may run to the florist instead and then to get the marriage license!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Amazed.

Some things amaze me, like how you need a license to drive, but not to have children. How we drive on a park way but park on a drive way? And now, new to my list is the waiting period to pick up your marriage license in the state of Minnesota....

After applying, you have to wait 5 days to pick up you marriage license. It's ready for you pretty much when you apply, but you have to wait 5 days....

What amazes me....you only have to wait 3 days to buy a gun.....

Sooooo basically, they want you to think about things before you buy a gun..but really, really, really, think about getting married....WTF!?

Just when I think I know what I want....I don't.

Okay - I hired a really great calligrapher Michele Clark, to hand write our place cards. I bought them, had them shipped to her and they are sitting at her place waiting to be jazzed up with her fancy penmanship.

But then I go ahead and browse through one of my other favorite wedding blogs and find these:

These beautiful creations are the brain child of Heather, blogger of the great wedding blog Road To The Asile

So now my calligrapher is holding pre-scored cards in white. And I'm trying to decide if I should do this, or something similar, with a pink and/or black top part and a white backing.....or is I should return the white ones and order pink or black......ug. I'm so indecisive.

I'm off to figure this out, and make up a mock up possibly - and worship at the feet of Heather who has refilled a burnt out August Brides DIY tank...

Bad Blogger! Bad!

Okay so I talk about how I'm going to blog twice a day, then I don't blog at all for like 4 days...nice of me huh? Sorry about the lag - my computer (much like me at times) had a minor hissy fit and wouldn't allow me onto Blogger and a few other totally random sites. (So again, much like me at times, has no real idea what it's mad about but just randomly picks places to dump her frustration) Who knows. It works now and thats all that matters.

So where am I today? Hoping for more RSVP's to the wedding and the Bridal Shower...wondering if the other Bridal Shower being thrown for me in July will have enough people at it to really make it a "party" - and trying to figure out what to do with Paige today because it's really nice out and we need to get out side.

SO I promise I haven't fogotten about you, it was just that my computer was PMS-ing

Back soon!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Well Wish Cards, Come out come out where ever you are!

As the wedding draws nearer, I am sure I will be posting more then once a day. Luckily this outlet also spares poor Mr S from the constant dribble of wedding info that flows out of my mouth, hour after hour. Not to mention the cringing sensation, clenching of the check book and immediate onset of a migrane every time I thinkwe "need" something for the wedding.

That aside, I need this....no really. I swear!

What's "this" you ask - only the coolest thing on the planet and my day will be horrible if I don't have it...alright, a little over dramatic but I do want it...

Well Wish Cards are the eye candy of the moment:

What are well wish cards? Well we are using them in lieu of a traditional guest book, each guest will write a note, some advice, things like that and slip it in the glass bowl. I found these awesome samples on Mrs Strawberry's blog page on Wedding Bee. The last ones, are the ones she used and I want them - BAD. The designer she used is sadly, "Taking a break" right now and who knows how long that could be....*sniff sniff*

I have googled these, searched for them, filed through blog after blog and can not find anyone other then this one designer that makes them. Yes, I can design my own but my concern is finding a way to print them so they look this amazing, full color front and back....

Sigh, I'm off to continue my search and will probably end up printing them at home....even though I don't wanna.....;-)

Happiness comes from the Mail Box

Okay, so maybe the mailbox didn't look like this today, but I did get my first RSVP and it certainly made me feel awesome!

My cousin was the first to send it in, the little pink envelope arrived just after 11 with the rest of the mail - Mr S barely made it down the driveway with the days letters and bills before I was hollering out the window scared to death half the invites were returned to me due to poor addressing.

"Are there any invites in there"

He replied with "What's this" looking at a larger envelope


clearly still ignoring me, he fumbled through and shows me the RSVP envelope, holding it like a trophy....

"Yes dear, ok are there any invites in there!?" Was I being vauge?

Him: "What?"

Me: "Invites? Huh??? Really I've asked three times now" and I'm still hollering out the window at this point.

He shows me the RSVP envelope again.

"Seriously any large pink envelopes or just the one small one?" I was about to scream.

Him: "Oh this is it"

ARGH, yeah really would that have been difficult to tell me in the first place. I only asked 4 times. Sometimes I think his brain produces a chemical that over rides the sound of my voice. But I love him. Deaf or not.

(photo credit istock photo)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Round Two with the Music Man

Well I got a response from him today and while he apologized for being unintentioanlly rude, he went on to say that he didn't want a "Secular love song undermining our service"



1 - I'm not having a "service" I'm having a (say it with me now) wedding CEREMONY. I've already given my life to Christ in church many, many years ago. The ceremony is for me to give my life and love to my husband....I'm not trying to convert people here and there's nothing "service like" happening during this. Besides, this is a Lutheran church, normally laid back folk - what did he slip, fall and get Catholic all over him? God isn't going to strike the church down because "Here Comes The Sun" is played on the piano.

2 - If he wants to go a few rounds toe to toe with someone about "secular musice undermining anything....I'll be more then happy to replace my simple and lovely Beatles songs with the following Christian band from England The Band With No Name (a.k.a TBWNN), who I happen to quite like - and I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that even Christian music can "undermine" a wedding...(or at least be totally inappropriate for that type of day - now the reception...bring it on ;-)

Please note a visual here, you must envision me in my wedding dress skipping to the alter doing the "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" motion the whole way down.

(PS Props to my soon to be COUSIN CLAIRE and UNCLE DAVID because David shot this video and you can see Claire jumping around somewhere in the foreground)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Play us a song, you're the Piano Man....

Ugh RETRACTION - what it should say is "Play us a song you're the uptight, meanie, jerk head piano playing poo head who's pissed me off!"

And that's the "G" Rater version, suitable for a family blog. You should hear what I really think right now....

Okay, I'll explain. I paid $1200 to get married in this church and not only did it take until like 3 weeks ago to get a Pastor to marry us, due to poor planning on their part - now the piano player (who's not even playing at my wedding, mind you) is acting like my needing the music info to print in my programs now, is a horrid thing and I'm rushing him.

UH -Hello Mr Piano Man! God called and said that there's only 71 days to her wedding and it's going to take over a month to pull this together, so give the woman what she needs before she blows her tiara off her pretty little head!

The guys exact words to me were:

"Are you leaving the country? Are you in the military? Is there an extreme reason you need this now because I have never heard of it taking 2 months to print programs"

WTF!? You got married like 4 decades ago, of course not - they were carved in stone then!

I'm so freakin' irritated right now. Aside from the fact that I get things done ahead of time, this isn't "getting it done too early" it's on time and why why WHY would I wait when I can get it done and out of the way.

So help me, if he declines ANY of my chosen music due to the wording - I will flip out worse then this!

Where's my wine......

Bye Bye

The invites have left the house. They are on their way all over the country and over seas. I had a mini panic attack leaving the post office, did I address the right? Do they all have RSVP's in them?

I got over it and now I'm off to creating the invites for the next batch going out.

More, you say? Oh yes. Due to the large size of my family, and only being able to fit a certain amount in the reception venue we had to create a "B" list. It's not as bad as you might think, they are actually people we really want at the wedding, it's just that we need some of those "no's" to come through before we can officially send the invite. Otherwise we risk over filling the room and blowing our budget.

Off to have a glass of wine and then stare at my mail box, wondering when the first RSVP will arrive.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wrapping it all Togeter

When I said that cutting the pieces of paper out that make the invite was the worst part of the invite process.....I lied. I hadn't yet been faced with the "belly band" issue.

I'm sure it would have been much easier if the piece of paper I was using to go around the invite was in fact the same size, as the invite. But no. I'm thrifty and wanted to use scrap from my inserts for it.

So I laid out the belly band like this, and tried as best I could after 2 glasses of wine to make it smack dab in the middle (you'll see the final result, is a bit off center. I blame the wine)

I then folded in the two sides, and using a glue stick applied adhesive to the edge of one of the belly band.Then I applied my square seal, and then put the adhesive to the other edige of the belly band. Doing it this way kept me from gluing myself to my invites - which I assure you could have been done with out any wine at all....

As you can see this one is a bit...off. LOL. But I fixed it before I mailed it out - I just never took the extra picture.

And here they are, boxed up ready to head to the Post Office, where I will double check to make sure I have the correct postage (I know I do, but I like to check things about 14 times...) and the post the ones to Europe to our friends overseas. LIKE AUNTIE NORA!!! HI NORA!!!

So this is 90 of them, I have about 30 more or so to get all together...and then they will leave me and I will be sad to see them go....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Great Site I just found! AWESOME VENDOR

Poking around looking for folded place cards, I came across this site:

I couldn't believe their prices! www.envelopemall.com wanted $15 for a pack of 50 place cards in my metallic stardream paper - and this place wants $6! Woo Hoo!

Check them out - I am combing through their sale stuff and amazed at their prices!

Double Plus for them - I e-mailed them and heard back in 5 minutes! Great! I can't wait til I get my items I'll let you know how that goes!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Updates...updates...and only 11 more days.....

Don't panic...not until the wedding, until the invites go out...are they ready....um....not so much. I'm waiting on some more RSVP's from good ol' step dad to arrive and I'm assembling them until then.

The 2x2 sticker I bought to replace my seal I created (for the belly band) , may not be here on time and I'm a bit anxious about that one. I'm watching my mailbox like a hawk!

Oh! We met with our pastor last night, funny story - know how the first two bailed on us, one canceling hours before the meeting....this one tired the same thing LOL! Canceling that is, not bailing. Once she found out she was Pastor numero tres she gladly stuck with the original time.

She's AWESOME, by the way. Love her to bits! She was dressed all cute in a denim skirt, ABOVE her knees (SHAME! LOL) and likes non-religious music. She's totally a pastor for Alex and I. She even at one point said she'd like to make the "fist pound" the new national handshake among Lutherans. Hahaha! LOVE IT!

Mr S and I got to hear a little about our PREPARE class, quiz thingy we did. We are fully compatible. Thank you, Hold your applause ;-) It's tough being perfect you know...hehe.

Um what else, what else....I'm hunting for a calligrapher for the seating arrangements for the tables, figuring out the guest list and crying over how OVER we are (it's going to be a hell of a party) and all in all trying not to lose my mind with so little time until the wedding.

Next month, when people ask me when I'm getting married....i can say NEXT MONTH. Trippy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Near Disastrous Dress Fitting

My day started off badly. It was one of those days where everything that can go wrong, will. I should have just changed my name to Murphy. (as in "Murphys Law")

I shouldn't have been surprised knowing how poorly the day was going, that when I got to the dress shop I was going to have a hell of a time there as well. My dress was great, and luckily it DIDN'T fit, being that it was 2 sizes too big for me when I bought it I surely didn't want to have gained that much...I kinda gave up the working out thing...lol.

Paige's flower girl dress was in and I put it on her and planned to take photo of us together in our dresses. Unfortunately fate had a different plan. And I SWEAR God is simply challenging me to see how far I can go before I lose it all together. Here's the dress shop issues....

Near Disaster #1 My poor sweet FMIL, tried to pick Paige up to put her on a chair, thinking that she would be safer there while I dressed. Instead, some of the tulle on the dress got caught under Paige and ripped. I was more stressed listening to her cry then I was about the dress. Hopefully she won't grow 2 inches in 85 days and we can simply cut it away and we would have "lost" it in alterations anyway. Otherwise we'll just get a new one.

Near Disaster #2 After getting out of my dress, and listening to Paige cry for 30 minutes about the dress and then about how her foot hurt - I was ready to grab my 2 sisters dress' and head out. Again, nope.
Back when we ordered the 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT dresses (seriously impossible to even slightly mistake them for one another), I was horrified at my lack of service at my shop because I had had such great service before. It stands to reason that because of the lack of service, would be why I received the wrong dress for my MOH (Maid of Honor ) my sister Ashley. I didn't get a Bridesmaid dress and a Jr. Bridesmaid dress, I got 2 JR's. UGH! Now my MOH's won't be in until 4 days before her alterations and the last day to do them might I add.

Add those 2 things on op of the 14 other crap-tasitc things that went wrong today and you'll have my life for the afternoon. I am proud I didn't almost kill anyone, I didn't cry - too much... and all in all I don't really care about the mishaps because they are fixable and especially in the case of my FMIL, totally accidental!!! (So stop feeling badly about it FMIL!! It was an accident!!! If you've taught me anything it's that life is full of hiccups - and we can't get worked up over them all. LOVE YOU!)

All that being said here's me in my dress, looking a bit more like it fits me.


I'm serious! Stop reading NOW

Not taken from the most flattering angle, but considering half were taken by Paige and the others by my FMIL while holding a crying 4 year old - I think their Damn good! ;-)


Dress Fitting!

My first dress fitting is this afternoon at 2 - I super excited and will report back how it goes!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

You Regitered for WHAT?!

Mr S and I have a pretty established household. With my living on my own with a child before moving in with him, and he having been married once before - we have a lot of those little kitchen/home things and don't really need much more, and what we do need is replacement for the mix matched, broken and odd numbered we have now.

So back in February when I first blogged about registering for gifts and how asking for things was a little hard for me, I now look over my lists and wonder if people will think Mr. S and I crazy?

Sure, we have china, silverwear, and stemwear on our list - but we also have things like:

The Airzone Spring Trampoline and Enclosure
You'd think it was for Paige, but it's not!! Alex and I really want one. We're goofy like that!

Our yard is huge, and Alex having been a gymnast - he's dying to perfect that back flip again!

And sure, Paige will like it too I suppose.

Cadburry Crunchie Bars

Candy, We registered for CANDY? Damn skippy we did! Apparently you've never had one, and being that they are only available in England (and several World Markets around here I never seem to get to) we did in fact register for them.

We do get them at Christmas, but isn't a wedding a grand enough occasion for Crunchie Bars? I believe it is ;-)

Frisbee Golf Target

Never played? Oh your missing out! Here's a run down for those who don't know, frisbee golf is played on a course just like golf. Only you throw frisbees, and try to hit this target.

Oh and trust me, the shot is never straight on. They stick them in the woods, uphill from the T-off point....anyway practice needed and again, with our yard - you can come on over and we'll teach you how to play!

We're a little weird, but that's why people love us!