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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Bridal Shower like you woulnd't believe....

I don't know if what I had can be called a Bridal Shower. I know it started out as one - a proper English Tea Party at that, with sweet fairy cakes, tea, egg and cress sandwiches, and of course Pimms - an incredibly lethal English drink. Everything was labeled on the tables with note cards for the American folk ;-) And I even had a flower arrangement in a large tea cup, for the tea party!

The beginning of the party, all proper and sweet was not how the night ended. My 4 PM tea party began like any other. Beautiful people, lovely gifts, and as the majority of the guests left for their homes to finish their weekends, around 6-7 pm..then the party really started.

It began with my bridesmaids and I telling stupid stories of ourselves, and then we come to realize that my one bridesmaid was shooting photos of me opening gifts, straight up my dress the whole time. (No I'm not sharing one) Then I sat down to read the list of gifts to make sure it was all there and realized my hilarious FSIL wrote things out like:

*Long Candle Thing that looks like a dildo
*Funny shaped glasses and towels
*Scale for when Amber gets fat
*incense to hide smell of pot when brother in law comes to visit
* White Towels and smelly shit
*Wine so Amber can continue to drink
*More fu__ing towels

I laugh each time I try to fill out my thank you cards!

The Gifts

My mom, Bridesmaid Mary Jo, Me and friend Mandy

Mary Jo, Ashley, Michelle and I in front - 3 of my bridesmaids

So after the guests mostly left and it was down to family and few good friends we decided to let the men back in. My step dad, FFIL and Mr S came up to join in the party. We ate what was left of the food, attempted to drink what was left of the alcohol - didn't work too well and all in all had a great time.

Not Typical Bridal Shower Highlights:

*Deacon showing up on his motorcycles with a paper bag of "Naughty toys" he bought on his way up to crash the party - which he bought in all his leathers from riding on GAY PRIDE DAY! Including a rainbow colored penis sucker, a handful of penis straws and other items....haha!

Me with my "toys" from Deacon, after several drinks....

*My Father in Law pretending to open beer bottles with his belly button:

after several drinks.....
*Drinking wine through a penis straw, cracking up my mother in law every time she saw me.

Finally at about 1 am, we were all a bit tipsy and very tired. We cleaned up and went to bed. Luckily I felt great this morning which worked out because we all had to be at my nephews 5th birthday party by 11 am! I have a load of wonderful gifts I can't wait to put away and got a bit of a Bachlorette party tossed in at the end of an amazing bridal shower!

We may not have "normal" parties - but we sure do have a lot of fun!!!!


Amber said...

If this was a preview to your bachelorette party I can't wait to hear about it!

Amber said...

You know what, I'm not having one...lol. Well not in a traditional sense anyway - We're combining the Grooms/Rehearsal dinner with the bachlorette and bachelor party so we can include as many out of towners as possible as a lot are out of state and country - and to have a great time. Plus we're not "hit the bar" people, we're more the "Drink at home with friends" type.

So yeah...it's going to be crazy!