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Thursday, December 20, 2007

"The One"

You'd think I was talking about Alex wouldn't you - nope...lol. Well I mean he is the One guy - but this is The One invite! I think I finally got it, thanks to all the help from the patient gals over on the Wedding Bee board who dealt with my constant complaining, question asking and posting of several different options over and over again! I love those girls!

Now I just have to find the best way to print it, make sure the paper I ordered looks good with it and decide weather I want the Gocco or not.

Good thing the hard part is over.....for the most part....lol. Now I have to go and make all the insert cards. Yippie.


I've been given the go ahead by my future Husband to order the Gocco machine I want for making the invites. But Now wondering if I've gotten the right materials, when will they have black ink, am I really going to be able to do this? ALl these thoughts a running through my head and I'm really getting stressed.

The "Bees" tell me it will be worth it and I'll use it and get it. But I'm one of those over thinkers (who me? Nah!) and the longer I process this the more I wonder? Even though Alex is graciously allowing me to use some wedding money for it, it's still a big deal at about $200.

So I'm looking it over and praying I'm doing the right thing, but then again part of me is thinking - "you know what skip it your gut is telling you don't do it"

So I'm at a crossroads - and I think I'll sit on it for awhile. For now, no Gocco. Better to save the money, right? Right?! AGREE WITH ME!

Wedding Bee Front page News!

As promised here's the link to the font page of Wedding Bee where my invite is put up to the polls for all to see....

Okay so the link thing isn't working - I guess I'm not savvy enough to make it work. Here's another way to get to the site:


and if you scroll down you will eventually see my invites show up!

I have to say before I end this post that I really feel good about this invitation thing. I remember looking back over all these Wedding Bee posts and seeing these beautiful DIY invites that I never thought I'd be able to create. I asked a million questions and now, my invite is the one up and I'm getting a million questions! It's great.

I have a feeling after this wedding is over, I'll be on paper crafting overload and not want to touch another stamp of adhesive again for months - but until then - I'll enjoy every minute of it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Famous!

I also have a habit of exaggerating a bit from time to time too...

Maybe I should explain a bit better.

I'm a Wanna-be- Bee (that didn't help did it?)

Okay I'm a regular poster on WeddingBee.com a chat site where I go to talk to other brides to be. (their main bloggers are called "Bee's") It's a large site, and recently I've been posting the samples of the invite I'm making to get the input back from all the gals on there.

Well....they are posting it on their MAIN PAGE tomorrow morning to put it to a national vote, and I SUPER exited!!!

Now I'm all jittery, wondering if I took good enough pictures, should I blur out the info a bit better....will people hate it? Argh!

Anyway I'm sure I'll keep track of it on here as well, but if you'd like to check for yourself you can always go to the main page of www.wedding bee.com and look for it :-) I'll put up a link as soon as I have one.

Yippiee - I'm kinda famous!

Re-Vamped the Invite Layout

Okay, well after along look at the invite and realizing just how LOOOONNG it would take to stamp every invite the way I want, I decided to give another option a try.

I zipped over to a favorite digital scrapbooking site called Designer Digitals and looked for some similar flourishes for the side of the invite. This is what I came up with:

Ladies I give you Invite Option #3 *of what I will assume will be many....lol)

Now I just have to hope that when it prints on the Stardream paper it looks good.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Invite Sample #2 (6x6 Pocketfold)

Okay here's a second version of the wording layout - which do you like better? This we will call Invite Number 2 and the one in the post below will be Invite number1 - there's a poll to the right where you can pick.

Now please bear in mind, I've not finalized the paper color, or the fonts of our names yet - still working on that. I'm just looking for weather or not you like the layout of one over the other more. The font type will be darker eventually, and thus the black swrills won't stick out so much - so anyway PICK ONE!

6x6 Pocketfold Invites - Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek at the invites, they are a work in progress :-)

As you can tell our colors are pink, white and black - and though we've not decided firmly on a shade of pink, we do know we are going to NOT be using the one you see in the photo.

Keep checking back, once these are final I'll be posting how-to's and more photos :-)

Ready, Set, GO!

I previously typed this entry - then lost it. I hope that's not a look into the future as to how this blog is going to go from here on out.

Had you read the other post, if I hadn't somehow lost it, you would know that I planned to start this blog when I first got engaged, back in August. Even though I was a planning machine and with in 2 months had booked the venue for the reception. the church, a DJ, a photographer, a florist and decided on the general type of invitation we wanted, still had little to talk about or rather, little time to talk about it.

Now that I've found a few extra minutes between "Mommy", "Hunny" and Cleaning - here we go.

Like I said I've most the big things booked, and now I'm trying to bring our budget down to a number we can say out loud with out stuttering and possibly passing out. We do have, not only the wonderful support of our parents but also quite a bit of financial help from them, which is amazing considering that's not all that common anymore.

We recently decided we could neither live nor have a wedding with out a videographer....unfortunately shortly after that we decided we could neither live nor have a reception with out having the tables covered with linens, instead of the exposed look of VFW chairs and wood tables....

Since I'd already mailed the check for the videographer and gotten such a good deal from the Linen place, we spent the next 15 minutes thinking of all ways we actually saved money by going with those two vendors. It worked and we've convinced ourselves that we are fine and the budget isn't too bad.

Thank goodness for the reserve of money we have, otherwise this wedding would be happening in the back of a Wal-Mart with red-neck preacher missing his front tooth, spitting tobacco into a old Budwiser can, wearing a Dale Ernhardt Jr t-shirt and ending the service with "Gentlemen Start Your Engines" instead of "You many now kiss the bride"

All you need is love....

More like a movie set, a bunch of actors and professional singers - to pull of this grand exit from a wedding anyway..

One of my favorite movies is Love Actually and if I have every penny in the world I'd do (or have done I should say) what they do in this clip from the movie.

I still think that we'll leave the wedding to All You Need is Love, it's one of my favorite songs - and it might get everyone singing along - which would be so cool!

Just thought I'd share this little beautiful dream of mine with you: