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Thursday, December 20, 2007

"The One"

You'd think I was talking about Alex wouldn't you - nope...lol. Well I mean he is the One guy - but this is The One invite! I think I finally got it, thanks to all the help from the patient gals over on the Wedding Bee board who dealt with my constant complaining, question asking and posting of several different options over and over again! I love those girls!

Now I just have to find the best way to print it, make sure the paper I ordered looks good with it and decide weather I want the Gocco or not.

Good thing the hard part is over.....for the most part....lol. Now I have to go and make all the insert cards. Yippie.


Judy S said...

Dear Amber,

I am the mother of the "other Amber Grundman".
It is freaky to read that you like and do most of the things "my" Amber Grundman does! I hope your wedding day and marriage will be as happy as the "other Amber Grundman's", for you will be very happy indeed! It is probably a good omen for you that the "other Amber" is doing so well.

Judy Scott