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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Wedding planning, here I come - AGAIN!

NO! I'm not getting married again, are you nuts!? Have you seen my husband...like hell I'd trade that in! No, no, my sister is getting married! And I get to help being the Maid of Honor and making all things paper again and I am EXCITED!

I hope you'll follow me through this wedding too! I promise it will be on heck of a ride!! Considering there's only 9 months left til the big day!

Congrats Ashley & Ed!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello! Sorry For The Delay.

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of wedding photos. I do have one more installment - the Reception, but it will not be going up today. I'm currently trying to pack and get out the door to head to Duluth MN to see one of my favorite comedians, Ridney Carrington.

We;ve also had some big news in our home, and if you want to know what it is....you're going to have to jump over to our family's blog:

The Sweeneys

See you Monday with the final set of photos!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Professional Wedding Photos **Part 4** The Ceremony

Part One - The Girls Getting Ready
Part Two - The Groom & Groomsmen
Part Three - The Bride & Bridesmaids

And now for part 4 of the professional wedding photos by Kari Layland, The Ceremony.

Our Church was huge, and the walk down was slanted. Made for an interesting walk down for me in heels....lol. Luckily I had 2 dads to help me down the aisle!

Alex and His Parents

My Mom and Step Dad

My Dad and Step Mom

May Jo, Carl and John

Michelle and Nicky

Will & Lynnea

Jacque and Dan

Matt and Ashley

Anjali & Zach - they were not happy they had to touch! LOL

Alex, looking at me as I walked into sight for the first time.

The organ in this church is so amazing!

Alex tried to put my rings on the wrong way - E-ring then band...

I, on the other hand really screwed up - can you see it in this photo...yeah I'm putting it on the WRONG hand! LOL!

I eventually got it right, after some help from the wedding guests!

My daughter

After Pastor Cindy introduced us, I threw my flowers up and went Woo Hoo!!!

The ever helpful Will, holding someones flowers...cracks me up!

The receiving line, I love this - I'm looking at my Father In Law like...Holy Crap!

My Sister Anjali, starting the rest of the guests blowing bubbles

The kids were just so cute!

Stay tuned for the last installment, the reception and the little decoration details! Tomorrow!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Items For Sale - Update

All wedding items I had listed that did not sell, are now listed on eBay.

The auctions will end 3 days from today, items that don't sell then - I will re-list or sell to any interested party that makes a fair offer. Follow Links Below to find current auctions.

Beautiful Round Crystal Tiara/Headband - starting bid $10.99

White Fingertip Veil with Satin Trim & Tri-Peal Clusters - starting bid $10.99

Flower Girl Crinoline/Petticoat - starting bid $4.99

Brand New, Never Opened Lenox 8x10 Forevermore Frame - starting bid $9.99

Brand New Wedding Photo Album - starting bid $4.99

23 7 inch Large Centerpiece Candle Holders - starting bid $12.99

61 Large Votive Holders - starting bid $9.99

65 Rose Quartz Stardream 6.25 x 6.25 envelopes - starting bid $6.99

63 10 Hour Tear Light Holders - starting bid $15.99

Size 6 New With Tags Unalrtered, Custom Design Wedding Dress - starting bid $75

Wedding Photos **PART 3** The Bride & Bridesmaids

Part One - The Girls Getting Ready
Part Two - The Guys

And now let's start the third installment, The Bride & Bridesmaids..

I'm beginning to wish I would have waited for the disc of photos to put this up, because due to the quality of the thumbnails I'm using, they appear a little pixalated, which makes my teeth look a little funny and other small details kinda...odd. So for the record, I'm not really odd looking...I just act odd ;-)

The End..hehehe - for now...more tomorrow