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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Professional Wedding Pics **Part 2** The Guys

Check out Part 1: The Girls Getting Ready

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Sorry everyone! I skipped a day, yesterday got away from me before I even knew it. Here's the second installment of the wonderful photos taken by Kari Layland This time we're doing some of the guys getting ready, and then some of their group shots as well!

Alex Getting is Day of GIft, and my daughter trying to sneak a peek...lol

Showing my gift to my sister - He Went To Jared!

Yes, they are pretending to go pee on the trees! LOL. My FIL's Idea!
Alex took a picture with each wedding party member individually, with each he did a serious and a funny, here's a few of may favorites! It's one or the the other, because I didn't want this to get too long - but all the members are here!

Alex & His Father

Alex & My Father...LOL. This is some goofy ass dance move he invented. It's quite funny in person!
Al and my Step Father
With the Best Man, his brother Matt
Alex & Will
Alex & Nicky
Alex & Camera Dan (Check out his blog, Life of Camera Dan)
Alex with John
Alex & Carl, his Brother-In-Law
Alex and Cameron, his nephew and a bonus shot of Cameron, because it's so cute!
My only regret is that we didn't get any photos with my biological son Zach with the guys :-( He showed up a little late.

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