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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Type 'A' Bride

Wikipidia defines Type A Personality as:

  • People who fall under Type A exhibit characteristics such as being impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about one's status, highly competitive, hostile and aggressive, and incapable of relaxation.
That's so not me! Really, I mean it.

You don't believe me do you? Yea, didn't think so. Alright so I'm the epitome of the definition. I pretty much ooze out my sides with these traits. Do I like it? Not really, but I do try very hard to control it.

But whats worse then being a Type A Woman? Being a Type A Bride, of course!

We will drive ourselves into a mental institution over something as simple as a salt shaker. Spend hours staring at 2 pieces of paper trying to pick the perfect shade, when to everyone else on the planet there really is no difference between "Custard" and "Cheesecake".

We will obsess in a highly skilled way over little things like, "What underwear should I wear the day of the wedding?", "Will my dress fit nicely into the limo?", "How much further towards crazed and uncontrollable can I go before Mr S packs up and leaves?".

And we can over analyze so well that we'll start out wondering what salad to serve at the reception and work our way into a fit about how no one will remember out birthdays. Oh, it's possible!

However; on the opposite end of the massively obsessive, Type A's also tend to poses the ability to not care about some things as strongly as as they do care about others.

For instance, yesterday I spoke with my FMIL about wedding music. I about dropped her to her knees when I said I could really care less to hear it before the big day. I knew what it sounded like, all was good in my head. I certainly didn't mean to be rude, but music and flowers were on the far end of what I cared about for the wedding. Just not one of my "things". I think that for having dealt with me being so overly crazed about most features of this wedding, to hear me simply "not care" was rather a big shock.

Being a Type 'A' Bride is exhausting, not just for me but the poor souls who have taken on the task of helping me plan this wedding! And of all those we feel sorry for, the most sympathy must go to Mr S, because after all - he's stuck with this for the rest of his life.

God Help him.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Most Beautiful Hand Made Garters!

Breathtaking! All I can say. When I found out that ever single inch of this was HAND MADE by a traditional Danish process called Tatting (A bit like knitting I suppose, but much cooler!) I about died!

A very good family friend, and mother to one of my Ushers, Gitte is making me one of these for my wedding - and she'd love to make you one too!

Gitte lives in Denmark and is a very talented seamstress, in fact she would have made my wedding dress for me is she lived closer! I can't wait to receive my garter - and it will obviously NOT be the one that gets tossed!

Want one?

Each garter cost $50.00 and that includes shipping from Denmark to anywhere in the US.

It takes a month from time of order, for you to receive the garter - due to the amount of time that goes into making each one - really you can't rush perfection.

I can not wait to pass this down to my daughter on her wedding day, this isn't just a garter - it's a family heirloom!

Contact me at acgrundman@gmail.com with questions, and info on how to place an order.

I would move quickly if you want one, she can only make so many at one time!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mr. F. and Soon to Be Mrs. F.

Last night I helped a friend make her table numbers for her reception. She didn't believe me when I told her if she brought the digital images, I could do it in a matter of minutes.

The simple task did end up taking a bit longer then expected do to the 2 glasses of wine I had with dinner and the 3 beers I had during the creating process...oh and the fact Soon to Be Mrs F and I wouldn't stop gabbing for one second!

Here's a little sample of the table numbers we made for her, they will be printed as regular 4x6 photos, and then stuck to a 6.25 x 4.25 black card stock backing for support.

They will then be held up with the table name holders I am using for my reception - because I'm so great I'm lending them to her for her day, which happens to be 2 weeks before our big day!!

It did take some creative cropping, but they turned out great I think - and how could they not, with beautiful people like Mr F. and Soon to Be Mrs F. in the photo!

*Photo credit to her photographer, will be made as soon as I get the correct name of the studio. Until then my apologies for the lack of proper "props" being handed out. I should note, photos were only worked with as copyright was passed to The "F"s as part of the contract. Duplicating or editing any photograph with out the photographers written permission is illegal.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 Months Left - Panic Alert *HIGH*

When is my wedding

Too late - I'm Bride-zilla today!

I have yet to print and assemble the invites, still waiting on my step dad to help me with that one. There are only 37 days left until they have to start being mailed out.....and that, I have officially decided, is not enough time for my control freak self to complete the task - WHILE still enjoying myself.

That simple factor is the whole reason I'm on Panic High Alert. 37 days!? My step dad won't even be home until Friday, not back to the office until Monday, that means the soonest I could even hope to begin printing is 33 days before they are due to go out.....

And, sure I can rush through stuffing them, hand out things for people to do for me on this invite thing but I don't want to and I shouldn't have to either. Since we started planning this wedding I have been looking forward to putting these together, taking my time and making sure each one was just right. Know that each one was made from the ground up by me and mailed with love.

I'm only having one wedding, I'm only doing this once and I REFUSE to be rushed through the one process I've been dreaming of. If I wanted to hand out and delegate invite assembly - I would have bought them from a catalog!

I would scream, but Paige is sleeping and I don't want to wake her!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm So Glad My Mother In Law Likes me...

Because it appears this womans did not......;-)


Hahaha - I love wedding humor! Send me some!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Paging Mr Weeney

Yep - you read right....take a look. I ordered these not even 2 weeks ago, I've wanted them - For-Ever!

I made them on Customized Girl and they must have known I was coming because they had a sale going and everything! $10 a pair....well $10 per side of printing, which really isn't fair when you see what they put on the front - it's not worth $10!

I am a bit disappointed in quality of the wording on the undies - they are not actually "a part" of the fabric, but more like a high quality iron on decal that will peel off with one washing.

I'm scared to wash them before wearing them for fear I'll I'll end up:

"Ew & Proved Mr. Weeney"

I've contacted Customized Girl about my disappointment in the quality. I just wish a better description of the product was provided before I spent the money. I'm really glad that I didn't get a hoodie for $50 for Mr S! I can make one myself!

Crazy.....about designing

Because I'm a total nut case I decided to take on a huge task during my own wedding planning - create and design from scratch someone else's wedding invites and stationary. Someone I didn't know, never met other then on the computer.....

Luckily I got to work with a really fun, and understanding girl, who wasn't one of those demanding Bride-Zillas! Phew! Seriously, if I had to deal with a bride...like me for instance, I would have flipped!

My Bride had a very specific design in mind, one that I couldn't find a graphic anything even close to use for her design - so I had to draw it from hand, by looking at some sample invites she sent me for inspiration. That was one of the most time consuming parts of all this.

Here's a little sample of what her dream and my designing came up with.

She's making a type of pocket fold invite, something similar to mine. And since she decided she wanted the same script font as me, and the same RSVP - they look similar in a few way! But it kept at least a few things easy for me!

The Main Invite

The Thank You Card

Inserts, as they will appear once printed and stacked

The Menu

I had a great time making these for her! I can't wait to see what they look like printed on Opal Star Dream paper and accented with the champange and blue!

*Design Idea sent to me by Bride,
*Thank you Mrs Lemon again for your Awesome RSVP - it goes onto please even more!!!
*All other design created by myself using PhotoShop CS2

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Decisions, Decision

I swear I've spent more time trying to figure out which place card holder I want then I spent on what flowers I wanted, or even what wedding dress I want.

It just doesn't seem right.

This one is nice, what about the price? Do we really even need them? Well, they would be nice. We could sell them afterwards...but it's a hassle.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Here's a few of the front runners, maybe laying it out on here will help me work through this.

Plain Silver Frame

Found on Yolanda's Wedding Favors

Cost is listed as $7.00 a dozen on one page and then $9.42 on another - apparently they are updating their prices and will honor lower prices

Total cost with out shipping for 240 of them:

Not too bad at all, price wise they are the front runner.

Love Place Card Holders

These run with my accidental theme of "All You Need Is Love". My coasters, which are the favor say LOVE and the gift tags on it will say the quote mentioned before.

They come with out the card - which is fine, I wouldn't use them anyway.

Found on My Wedding Favors for $3.96 for a set of 4, this means a total of $237.76
I'm not sure it's worth that much, but I do like them.

No Holder, Just add Ribbon

Or I can do this version, with pink paper to match the invites and everything else. Then slide a white or black ribbon in depending on what plate the guest chose.

It's cheapest, especially since I already have the paper and ribbon would cost maybe $20 from a local craft store.

I'm not really into the whole personalized ribbon thing so at least I won't be dropping $50 a roll on that.

If I didn't need them, I wouldn't be so crazy about it, but I have to as I am offering two plates at the wedding and the waiters need to know who is eating what.

What are you doing for yours? Anything?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's spend some money!

I have just finally ordered all the Groomsmen & Usher gifts - which I can't post pictures of as I'm worried they might come across it. I know, I know - really how many guys actually look at the wedding web site let alone the blog - not many I am sure. I'm still not taking any chances!

On top of placing that order I also got our cake topper, serving set, personalized napkins all from Exclusively Weddings . I am so excited for everything to arrive.

Here's a run down in photos for ya!

Our Cake Topper is Two Letter 'A''s and an ampersand like this ---->

Initially we were not going to have anything on top of the cake, except maybe a few roses. But, I just changed our cake color from white to pink fondant frosting - so putting flowers on top won't be quite as nice.

These were really nice and only $23.00 each. I could have picked them up on eBay for a few dollars cheaper, but since I was already ordering from EW I figured better off from someone I know I can return it to if there is an issue.

Next on the list of things ordered is that serving set.

Since everything is rather BLINGED! out for the wedding Alex chose this set for us.

We decided not to go with personalizing it, though it was only a few dollars more.

We hope to be able to use it again, anniversaries and such, though I'm not quite sure how I will feel about BLING! in 10-20 years.

All that matters is it suits us right now, and it certainly does suit our wedding perfectly.

The Last thing we got is our napkins. Another item we weren't going to get, but compromised and got half personalized and half will be picked up from a local arty store in just plain black. Plus once I say this lay out I fell in love with it and had to have it to help carry the "All You Need Is Love" theme running through out the reception.

If you had not already known, that saying will be on the tags that hang on the favors we intend to hand out, glass coasters that say 'LOVE'

We ordered them in a lighter pink color, with black foil lettering. The plain black napkins will accent them very well!

Well stack them every other and put a few by the bar and some on the table that will have our personalized cookies on them for cocktail hour.

It's been awhile since we needed to buy anything for the wedding so I'm looking forward to this box arriving!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not wedding realted, but still great!

I've set up a blog for my daughter, please check it out.

If you don't have the privilege of knowing her or hearing about her antics from family or myself, I assure you - if ever you've a bad day, pop in and read some of what she pulls off. She's not your average kid and you will laugh, I promise!

Perfectly Paige

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Drowning in envelopes

Printing on Satrdream paper with an ink jet generally means you have to lay things out to dry.

I just wanted to share my sea of RSVP envelopes, mostly because I'm so darn happy to be done printing them. Word doesn't have an envelope setting for these "4-Bar" envelopes, as they are called, so it took me near 2 hours just to get the address centered and a template set up.

Then, stupid me, I didn't even save the template! Ugh! Bride Brain!

Keeping Track of the Guests

I always want to be uber organized. Now, wanting to be and actually being so is two totally different things!

Thanks to my FMIL I have a wonderful way of keeping track of RSVP's so no guest sneaks by with out responding. A total must have for us as we are not only having 2 different plate choices, but assigned seating!!!

You will need the following:

1 Recipe Box or Index Card Box
1-2 Packets of Index Cards (1 index card per invite)
2 packs of index card lettered dividers (I used Post It Tabs and wrote the letters on it)
Mailing labels (1 per invite)

*Put the lettered sets in the box and designate one set for "Invited" and the other "RSVPed" - you can also stick a separate spot way in the back for "Declined" so you have them on hand.

* Then, print off a mailing label , 1 for each invite and apply it to an index card. I printed directly onto the index card to save the labels.
TIP: having as much info on it as possible will make it eaiser, phone number, e-mail...everything.

*File the guests in their proper place, in "Invited Guests"

Now that you've got everything set up you can set the box off to the side until you start getting RSVPs.

When they do start coming in, simple pull the guests name out of "Invited" and put it in "Declined" or "RSVP"

Why is this ever so helpful you ask?

Well......as your "RSVP by" date comes, you will know EXACTLY which guests didn't reply as they will still be sitting in the "Invited" section! Now all you will have to do is pull all the non-responders out, and contact them using the info on the card. No searching for phone numbers, calling mom to find out Aunt Tessies e-mail address....you have it all.

I'm taking it one step further and putting the respective family member (my mom, dad, step mom....) in charge of contacting their family members who didn't respond. I mean after all - I have enough to do!

Here's a photo of mine. It's a bit silly as the box is HUGE, but it was on clearance and I'm all about saving money.

Like my junior high little doodles? Yeah - I'm a geek....;-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Honeymoon Crisis Averted!

Turn off your red flashing lights, shut down the sirens - The Honeymoon crisis has been averted!

In February we booked our honeymoon, and now realize that not only is it too much money, but it's going to cut extremely close to my daughters first day of pre-school. I am one of "those" moms, I need to be present, taking pictures and the whole nine yards.

Luckily, I had booked "magic travel insurance", that covers cancellation for any reason 100%.

Or so I thought.

Upon calling the insurance place we found out we were only covered 50%. Commence nervous break down in 3....2.....1.....

Now, I'm not lazy but I have a life and I trust the people I hire to do their jobs. So, when a veteran travel agent tells me in exact words "You are covered to 100% if you cancel for any reason at all", I'm not going to then sit down and read a huge pamphlet to verify what she is saying to me. I am willing to bet most people are on that same page as me.

I guess, trusting professionals isn't something I should do so often because it was in fact the agent who explained it to me incorrectly and caused the whole issue. But luckily I have the support of their office and as of right now they are feverishly searching for my same honeymoon, in a 7 day trip - not 10 and are going to pull strings so that we don't have to redo the insurance....saving us some $400 in the process.

So as of right now, the crisis has been avoided. I will post any updates as they come my way.

Tip: Read the fine print on everything and trust no one to give you the full story!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Favors that are great, and less then $1!

This past weekend the pink pouches arrived for my wedding favors. At first I wondered if they would be big enough and, luckily for once I did my math right and they were. In fact they are exactly the right size. Had they been any bigger on the coaster it would have looked totally sloppy and I would have hated the outcome!

To review my favors, for those of you who haven't been flowing along (GASP!) I bought sets of 'LOVE' coasters from The Knot for $1.99 per set of 4. They were on sale at the time I purchased them.

Then, after months of debate, thinking of ditching the coaster, ordering cookies, thinking of a million different ways to package everything, my FMIL came across these pouches on the same sight we got our table crystals. Efavormart.com

So last night I starting putting them all in the pouches. The longest part was getting the coasters out of their original packaging, which was nice - but as I was only giving one coaster per person - leaving them they way they were, was not an option.

It only took about an hour to do all 240, and Mr S and I did it while watching a movie - it worked out great. I just plopped on the floor and in no time we were done.

The other thing that got a little annoying is that the little rubber bits that are on the back side - to protect whatever table you put them on, well they stuck tothe coaster in front of them and it took the jaws of life to get them apart...;-) Okay I'm weak and that's what it seemed like.

Now all that's left to do is to print, and attach the little "Thank You" tag to them. The pouches are cinched, but not tied so I can easily do this.

After all was said and done this was a very inexpensive favor:

Coaster 4 for $1.99 and one per guest = .50 each
Pouches 10 for $1.80 and one per guest = .18

Total cost for favor for guest = .68!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Honeymoon Second Thoughts...

Don't get me wrong, I am in LOVE with the destination we currently have booked for our honeymoon - Excellence Riviera Cancun, however the price of $6500 for the 10 days is suddenly looming over us and making us wonder if there's something more important we could be spending the money on.

Wanting to move to a bigger home, bills, not to mention the cost of gas these day....$6500 is huge for a honeymoon - at least for us.

So our thought is, knowing that we will be gifted money (and or possibly registering for a honeymoon) to pay off some credit cards and such with the $6500 - which we have in the bank right now. Then use a credit card for the honeymoon, to book it and hold it mostly. Then pay it off with the gifted wedding money, and or the registry help....

Sure, paying off then tossing something back onto a credit card isn't totally smart - but it opens up an opportunity for us. Also, it's possible we could borrow the money from other places that wouldn't be so credit damning....like the 401K - which we simply pay our selfs back with 10% interest and it's rather nice and much better then a credit card too.

Either way, we're now researching other options. Looking in the main 48 states, Disney, Vegas....

Here's to saving money!

Back to my resarch!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I don't know....

Ugh. I so torn right now.

I really want top blog about the great stuff I plan to put in the bags for my bridesmaids....but if I do then they will know what it is.....and I'm such a big "SURPRISE" kinda person.

But it's really quite cool, and personal and - Argh!

I'm going to go fight with myself about this now....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust...

Well, about 4 1/2 months to go and another member of my wedding party has been booted.


This now means:

*A Maid of Honor has asked to be demoted to a Bridesmaid then thrown out of wedding eventually.

*A Maid of honor has asked to step out of party all together and be a Personal Attendant.

*A Personal Attendant has been made a Bridesmaid

*And an Usher has been removed.

I think I'm going to lose my mind. What is this, musical wedding party?

I'm now left trying to find a new usher, and pronto because this person will need to plan, not to mention if we order personalized wedding gifts I can't put: "Second Choice" or "So and So's Stand In".

This latest issue is down right junior high! And I'm not exaggerating at all!! In a nut shell here's what happened:

"Usher" said to me that he and his girlfriend were "taking some time apart" and cited a reason. This left me sad because Usher's girlfriend is a good friend of mine and was supposed to be coming over the following weekend with "Usher"

I popped girlfriend a note as a friend and said "We'll miss you on Saturday, if you ever need to talk about whats going on with you and "Usher" let me know I'm always here. Taking time apart can be hard" - You know, normal girl e-mail when you find this type of thing out.....

Okay well - "Usher", I guess didn't say anything to his girlfriend about "taking this time" and I got the blame for saying something!

Oh yea, he called me and told me he guesses he can't trust me anymore, and all this stuff and he's really upset with me and I'm dumbfounded! Not once did "Don't tell girlfriend" or "I haven't said anything to her yet" get mentioned. When someone tells you the broke up with another person, you assume both parties are aware....

Needless to say, he won't talk to me, but girlfriend has and we've been trying to get him to talk to me about this. He won't. I guess admitting that he said it will get him in hot water with the ex...because as he stands right now - I made it all up and he has no idea where I got the info from....UGH! He's 36 People!!!!!

What do I have to gain from making something so stupid up?

I'm running out of friends people!! Is it normally this hard to maintain friendships and I'm just not realizing it because I've never needed to keep them all happy for 12 months while I plan my wedding???


Brain Replacement

Well, it's kind of like a brain replacement! Mr S needed a new cell phone, and wanted to change providers , so that meant I got a new phone too! Yay!

We both got the new Blackberry 8130 Smartphone. His is silver and mine is OF COURSE *Pink*.

This thing is totally unlike my other cell phones. I've had it for less then a week and my whole life is already in it. Address, contacts, e-mails! Everything!

It tells me when I get an e-mail, a message on myspace and when someone comments me on here....and it's full keyboard makes responding so much faster then regular old text messaging!!

I have personalized ring tones which I LOVE! House MD theme by Massive Attack is the main one, and my steps dads ring tone is a movie quote from Anchorman!

I am totally ready for the last 4 months of wedding planning with this phone. I will never be out or arms reach of any of my wedding info - and I don't have to carry around some lunky book to have it all!

Best of all - it will match my wedding, should I need to whip it out and make a phone call!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've neglected you!

I am so sorry everyone! Things have been a little busy, all non-wedding realated these days!

I'm waiting on my step dad (still!) to fix the printer so I can do the assembly of the invites blog. My daughter turns 4 today!! And we are having a big party on Friday. My FMIL has touch of pneamonmia after comeing home from a trip to Europe. Alex has been traveling for work more and we were very sick last week - Paige and I...

Wow...that's a lot. So to make it up to you I bring you two little gifts......

#1 - check out these Thank You cards I made for My friend and fellow Bee Michelle, who's getting married on SARURDAY! Holy cow, right?! SHe wanted something simple and wouldn't you know I just so happen to be really good at simple :-)

They are made to order through Vista Print - if anyone needs something contact me! I'm happy to make you anything you need, at an EXTREMELY reasonable price!

Sorry for the funny border - for some reason it's not going all the way around....weird...

AND #2- if thats not enough for you - I give you my photographers blog, on which you can see some AMAZING pregnancy photos of my sister who is due the end of this month with her first baby, a little girl she plans to name Kati (Kah-Tee-Ah)

Kari Layland Photography Blog

Look around and you're sure to find Mr S and I too ;-)