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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's spend some money!

I have just finally ordered all the Groomsmen & Usher gifts - which I can't post pictures of as I'm worried they might come across it. I know, I know - really how many guys actually look at the wedding web site let alone the blog - not many I am sure. I'm still not taking any chances!

On top of placing that order I also got our cake topper, serving set, personalized napkins all from Exclusively Weddings . I am so excited for everything to arrive.

Here's a run down in photos for ya!

Our Cake Topper is Two Letter 'A''s and an ampersand like this ---->

Initially we were not going to have anything on top of the cake, except maybe a few roses. But, I just changed our cake color from white to pink fondant frosting - so putting flowers on top won't be quite as nice.

These were really nice and only $23.00 each. I could have picked them up on eBay for a few dollars cheaper, but since I was already ordering from EW I figured better off from someone I know I can return it to if there is an issue.

Next on the list of things ordered is that serving set.

Since everything is rather BLINGED! out for the wedding Alex chose this set for us.

We decided not to go with personalizing it, though it was only a few dollars more.

We hope to be able to use it again, anniversaries and such, though I'm not quite sure how I will feel about BLING! in 10-20 years.

All that matters is it suits us right now, and it certainly does suit our wedding perfectly.

The Last thing we got is our napkins. Another item we weren't going to get, but compromised and got half personalized and half will be picked up from a local arty store in just plain black. Plus once I say this lay out I fell in love with it and had to have it to help carry the "All You Need Is Love" theme running through out the reception.

If you had not already known, that saying will be on the tags that hang on the favors we intend to hand out, glass coasters that say 'LOVE'

We ordered them in a lighter pink color, with black foil lettering. The plain black napkins will accent them very well!

Well stack them every other and put a few by the bar and some on the table that will have our personalized cookies on them for cocktail hour.

It's been awhile since we needed to buy anything for the wedding so I'm looking forward to this box arriving!