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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Decisions, Decision

I swear I've spent more time trying to figure out which place card holder I want then I spent on what flowers I wanted, or even what wedding dress I want.

It just doesn't seem right.

This one is nice, what about the price? Do we really even need them? Well, they would be nice. We could sell them afterwards...but it's a hassle.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Here's a few of the front runners, maybe laying it out on here will help me work through this.

Plain Silver Frame

Found on Yolanda's Wedding Favors

Cost is listed as $7.00 a dozen on one page and then $9.42 on another - apparently they are updating their prices and will honor lower prices

Total cost with out shipping for 240 of them:

Not too bad at all, price wise they are the front runner.

Love Place Card Holders

These run with my accidental theme of "All You Need Is Love". My coasters, which are the favor say LOVE and the gift tags on it will say the quote mentioned before.

They come with out the card - which is fine, I wouldn't use them anyway.

Found on My Wedding Favors for $3.96 for a set of 4, this means a total of $237.76
I'm not sure it's worth that much, but I do like them.

No Holder, Just add Ribbon

Or I can do this version, with pink paper to match the invites and everything else. Then slide a white or black ribbon in depending on what plate the guest chose.

It's cheapest, especially since I already have the paper and ribbon would cost maybe $20 from a local craft store.

I'm not really into the whole personalized ribbon thing so at least I won't be dropping $50 a roll on that.

If I didn't need them, I wouldn't be so crazy about it, but I have to as I am offering two plates at the wedding and the waiters need to know who is eating what.

What are you doing for yours? Anything?


Mike & Manda said...

Are you doing them for meal choice as well? When I was originally going to do them, I was going to write the names on vellum and use a brad (one color for each meal) to attach the vellum. They were going to be cute and really cheap (Brads are REALLY cheap)! Too bad I don't need them....I wouldn't plan on being able to sell frames or holders after - a lot of people will take them home thinking they are a favor or some sort, and I know you already have those! I can't find the pictures, but something I saw was wrapping small pieces of styrofoam and inserting a paperclip to hold the card and/or gluing/attaching a paperclip to something else cheap. You can find paperclips in all colors, or silver is pretty too! Good luck!

Mike & Manda said...

(I hate that it links to that site...here's me www.xanga.com/fromms2mrs)

Amber said...

Cool idea!

My venues asked I use something to identify the meal thats more noticeable.But the brad idea is awesome!!! I never even thought of it!

PS - I'm going to put up a link to your blog on mine :-) When I changed my page layout I lost all that info so I have to go back and do it again. Ugh!

Amber said...

I love those LOVE cardholders! How perfect for your theme! What did you decide on?