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Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy.....about designing

Because I'm a total nut case I decided to take on a huge task during my own wedding planning - create and design from scratch someone else's wedding invites and stationary. Someone I didn't know, never met other then on the computer.....

Luckily I got to work with a really fun, and understanding girl, who wasn't one of those demanding Bride-Zillas! Phew! Seriously, if I had to deal with a bride...like me for instance, I would have flipped!

My Bride had a very specific design in mind, one that I couldn't find a graphic anything even close to use for her design - so I had to draw it from hand, by looking at some sample invites she sent me for inspiration. That was one of the most time consuming parts of all this.

Here's a little sample of what her dream and my designing came up with.

She's making a type of pocket fold invite, something similar to mine. And since she decided she wanted the same script font as me, and the same RSVP - they look similar in a few way! But it kept at least a few things easy for me!

The Main Invite

The Thank You Card

Inserts, as they will appear once printed and stacked

The Menu

I had a great time making these for her! I can't wait to see what they look like printed on Opal Star Dream paper and accented with the champange and blue!

*Design Idea sent to me by Bride,
*Thank you Mrs Lemon again for your Awesome RSVP - it goes onto please even more!!!
*All other design created by myself using PhotoShop CS2


Taais said...

This is great!!! You are such a rock star. This is the exact graphic of my wedding invitations but I had them made and spent way too much money.

Do you mind sharing where you got the vine graphic? Or sharing it with me because I would love to use it in my DIY projects, as it is the motif for my wedding and I can't find it anywhere.

I would truly appreciate it.



Amber said...

The bride sent me a picture and I hand drew it from that in photoshop.

Sorry I didn't find it anywhere it can be bought - I actually had to draw it because I couldn't find anything remotely close to it.

I only have one version of it and it's not really "complete" I only did the portion you would see so it's choppy and not really usable - which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, basically what you see is the good part and I didn't use the rest.....lol.