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Monday, April 21, 2008

Paging Mr Weeney

Yep - you read right....take a look. I ordered these not even 2 weeks ago, I've wanted them - For-Ever!

I made them on Customized Girl and they must have known I was coming because they had a sale going and everything! $10 a pair....well $10 per side of printing, which really isn't fair when you see what they put on the front - it's not worth $10!

I am a bit disappointed in quality of the wording on the undies - they are not actually "a part" of the fabric, but more like a high quality iron on decal that will peel off with one washing.

I'm scared to wash them before wearing them for fear I'll I'll end up:

"Ew & Proved Mr. Weeney"

I've contacted Customized Girl about my disappointment in the quality. I just wish a better description of the product was provided before I spent the money. I'm really glad that I didn't get a hoodie for $50 for Mr S! I can make one myself!