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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Most Beautiful Hand Made Garters!

Breathtaking! All I can say. When I found out that ever single inch of this was HAND MADE by a traditional Danish process called Tatting (A bit like knitting I suppose, but much cooler!) I about died!

A very good family friend, and mother to one of my Ushers, Gitte is making me one of these for my wedding - and she'd love to make you one too!

Gitte lives in Denmark and is a very talented seamstress, in fact she would have made my wedding dress for me is she lived closer! I can't wait to receive my garter - and it will obviously NOT be the one that gets tossed!

Want one?

Each garter cost $50.00 and that includes shipping from Denmark to anywhere in the US.

It takes a month from time of order, for you to receive the garter - due to the amount of time that goes into making each one - really you can't rush perfection.

I can not wait to pass this down to my daughter on her wedding day, this isn't just a garter - it's a family heirloom!

Contact me at acgrundman@gmail.com with questions, and info on how to place an order.

I would move quickly if you want one, she can only make so many at one time!


Amber said...

Amber these are beautiful!!! That is such a neat thing to have for your wedding, and to pass down to your daughter! Also, thanks for adding me to your side bar! I'll have to do the same! :-)

Allison said...

Those are beautiful and not at all tacky like most garters. I am emailing you shortly for her info!