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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brain Replacement

Well, it's kind of like a brain replacement! Mr S needed a new cell phone, and wanted to change providers , so that meant I got a new phone too! Yay!

We both got the new Blackberry 8130 Smartphone. His is silver and mine is OF COURSE *Pink*.

This thing is totally unlike my other cell phones. I've had it for less then a week and my whole life is already in it. Address, contacts, e-mails! Everything!

It tells me when I get an e-mail, a message on myspace and when someone comments me on here....and it's full keyboard makes responding so much faster then regular old text messaging!!

I have personalized ring tones which I LOVE! House MD theme by Massive Attack is the main one, and my steps dads ring tone is a movie quote from Anchorman!

I am totally ready for the last 4 months of wedding planning with this phone. I will never be out or arms reach of any of my wedding info - and I don't have to carry around some lunky book to have it all!

Best of all - it will match my wedding, should I need to whip it out and make a phone call!