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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've neglected you!

I am so sorry everyone! Things have been a little busy, all non-wedding realated these days!

I'm waiting on my step dad (still!) to fix the printer so I can do the assembly of the invites blog. My daughter turns 4 today!! And we are having a big party on Friday. My FMIL has touch of pneamonmia after comeing home from a trip to Europe. Alex has been traveling for work more and we were very sick last week - Paige and I...

Wow...that's a lot. So to make it up to you I bring you two little gifts......

#1 - check out these Thank You cards I made for My friend and fellow Bee Michelle, who's getting married on SARURDAY! Holy cow, right?! SHe wanted something simple and wouldn't you know I just so happen to be really good at simple :-)

They are made to order through Vista Print - if anyone needs something contact me! I'm happy to make you anything you need, at an EXTREMELY reasonable price!

Sorry for the funny border - for some reason it's not going all the way around....weird...

AND #2- if thats not enough for you - I give you my photographers blog, on which you can see some AMAZING pregnancy photos of my sister who is due the end of this month with her first baby, a little girl she plans to name Kati (Kah-Tee-Ah)

Kari Layland Photography Blog

Look around and you're sure to find Mr S and I too ;-)


Angel said...

Hey, welcome back...I was wondering where you were. Of course it seems that March was the crazy busy month.

Congrats on booking your photographer and kudos on the cool thank yous you created!

colesmom said...

I have a question...how did you make the monogram for the first thank you card? I have been trying to create one. did you use a certain program or what? I LOVE your blog. I am always so inspired when I read this.

Amber said...

I'm a graphic designer so I used Photoshop CS2> There are smaller versions of photoshop you can get (the one I have retails for $1500) for about $100 and you would be able to learn to do it.

There is no "click here for monogram" kind of thing, it takes some time to learn the program.

Thanks for stopping in so much!!! :-) Good luck!