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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust...

Well, about 4 1/2 months to go and another member of my wedding party has been booted.


This now means:

*A Maid of Honor has asked to be demoted to a Bridesmaid then thrown out of wedding eventually.

*A Maid of honor has asked to step out of party all together and be a Personal Attendant.

*A Personal Attendant has been made a Bridesmaid

*And an Usher has been removed.

I think I'm going to lose my mind. What is this, musical wedding party?

I'm now left trying to find a new usher, and pronto because this person will need to plan, not to mention if we order personalized wedding gifts I can't put: "Second Choice" or "So and So's Stand In".

This latest issue is down right junior high! And I'm not exaggerating at all!! In a nut shell here's what happened:

"Usher" said to me that he and his girlfriend were "taking some time apart" and cited a reason. This left me sad because Usher's girlfriend is a good friend of mine and was supposed to be coming over the following weekend with "Usher"

I popped girlfriend a note as a friend and said "We'll miss you on Saturday, if you ever need to talk about whats going on with you and "Usher" let me know I'm always here. Taking time apart can be hard" - You know, normal girl e-mail when you find this type of thing out.....

Okay well - "Usher", I guess didn't say anything to his girlfriend about "taking this time" and I got the blame for saying something!

Oh yea, he called me and told me he guesses he can't trust me anymore, and all this stuff and he's really upset with me and I'm dumbfounded! Not once did "Don't tell girlfriend" or "I haven't said anything to her yet" get mentioned. When someone tells you the broke up with another person, you assume both parties are aware....

Needless to say, he won't talk to me, but girlfriend has and we've been trying to get him to talk to me about this. He won't. I guess admitting that he said it will get him in hot water with the ex...because as he stands right now - I made it all up and he has no idea where I got the info from....UGH! He's 36 People!!!!!

What do I have to gain from making something so stupid up?

I'm running out of friends people!! Is it normally this hard to maintain friendships and I'm just not realizing it because I've never needed to keep them all happy for 12 months while I plan my wedding???