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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keeping Track of the Guests

I always want to be uber organized. Now, wanting to be and actually being so is two totally different things!

Thanks to my FMIL I have a wonderful way of keeping track of RSVP's so no guest sneaks by with out responding. A total must have for us as we are not only having 2 different plate choices, but assigned seating!!!

You will need the following:

1 Recipe Box or Index Card Box
1-2 Packets of Index Cards (1 index card per invite)
2 packs of index card lettered dividers (I used Post It Tabs and wrote the letters on it)
Mailing labels (1 per invite)

*Put the lettered sets in the box and designate one set for "Invited" and the other "RSVPed" - you can also stick a separate spot way in the back for "Declined" so you have them on hand.

* Then, print off a mailing label , 1 for each invite and apply it to an index card. I printed directly onto the index card to save the labels.
TIP: having as much info on it as possible will make it eaiser, phone number, e-mail...everything.

*File the guests in their proper place, in "Invited Guests"

Now that you've got everything set up you can set the box off to the side until you start getting RSVPs.

When they do start coming in, simple pull the guests name out of "Invited" and put it in "Declined" or "RSVP"

Why is this ever so helpful you ask?

Well......as your "RSVP by" date comes, you will know EXACTLY which guests didn't reply as they will still be sitting in the "Invited" section! Now all you will have to do is pull all the non-responders out, and contact them using the info on the card. No searching for phone numbers, calling mom to find out Aunt Tessies e-mail address....you have it all.

I'm taking it one step further and putting the respective family member (my mom, dad, step mom....) in charge of contacting their family members who didn't respond. I mean after all - I have enough to do!

Here's a photo of mine. It's a bit silly as the box is HUGE, but it was on clearance and I'm all about saving money.

Like my junior high little doodles? Yeah - I'm a geek....;-)


HeidiBowar said...

This is a great idea!