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Monday, April 7, 2008

Favors that are great, and less then $1!

This past weekend the pink pouches arrived for my wedding favors. At first I wondered if they would be big enough and, luckily for once I did my math right and they were. In fact they are exactly the right size. Had they been any bigger on the coaster it would have looked totally sloppy and I would have hated the outcome!

To review my favors, for those of you who haven't been flowing along (GASP!) I bought sets of 'LOVE' coasters from The Knot for $1.99 per set of 4. They were on sale at the time I purchased them.

Then, after months of debate, thinking of ditching the coaster, ordering cookies, thinking of a million different ways to package everything, my FMIL came across these pouches on the same sight we got our table crystals. Efavormart.com

So last night I starting putting them all in the pouches. The longest part was getting the coasters out of their original packaging, which was nice - but as I was only giving one coaster per person - leaving them they way they were, was not an option.

It only took about an hour to do all 240, and Mr S and I did it while watching a movie - it worked out great. I just plopped on the floor and in no time we were done.

The other thing that got a little annoying is that the little rubber bits that are on the back side - to protect whatever table you put them on, well they stuck tothe coaster in front of them and it took the jaws of life to get them apart...;-) Okay I'm weak and that's what it seemed like.

Now all that's left to do is to print, and attach the little "Thank You" tag to them. The pouches are cinched, but not tied so I can easily do this.

After all was said and done this was a very inexpensive favor:

Coaster 4 for $1.99 and one per guest = .50 each
Pouches 10 for $1.80 and one per guest = .18

Total cost for favor for guest = .68!



Angel said...

Wow. Great job coming under budget! Favors for less than a buck...that deserves a bow.

Amber said...

Thank you Angel! I think they are pretty elegant looking - I mean they don't scream "I'M CHEAP!" do they???

Angel said...

They're glass which automatically bumps it up. Unimaginative pillow boxes with three almonds is my version of cheap, (but no offense to anyone out there doing that).

Angel said...

Oh, and I was going to ask. How was your experience with efavormart? I just told another bride about some items there, but I haven't had any personal experience.

Amber said...

My FMIL did the ordering but they shipped really fast! Their prices were really good!

I would say that they were worth using, we didn't have any problems with them at all.