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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Honeymoon Second Thoughts...

Don't get me wrong, I am in LOVE with the destination we currently have booked for our honeymoon - Excellence Riviera Cancun, however the price of $6500 for the 10 days is suddenly looming over us and making us wonder if there's something more important we could be spending the money on.

Wanting to move to a bigger home, bills, not to mention the cost of gas these day....$6500 is huge for a honeymoon - at least for us.

So our thought is, knowing that we will be gifted money (and or possibly registering for a honeymoon) to pay off some credit cards and such with the $6500 - which we have in the bank right now. Then use a credit card for the honeymoon, to book it and hold it mostly. Then pay it off with the gifted wedding money, and or the registry help....

Sure, paying off then tossing something back onto a credit card isn't totally smart - but it opens up an opportunity for us. Also, it's possible we could borrow the money from other places that wouldn't be so credit damning....like the 401K - which we simply pay our selfs back with 10% interest and it's rather nice and much better then a credit card too.

Either way, we're now researching other options. Looking in the main 48 states, Disney, Vegas....

Here's to saving money!

Back to my resarch!