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Thursday, December 20, 2007


I've been given the go ahead by my future Husband to order the Gocco machine I want for making the invites. But Now wondering if I've gotten the right materials, when will they have black ink, am I really going to be able to do this? ALl these thoughts a running through my head and I'm really getting stressed.

The "Bees" tell me it will be worth it and I'll use it and get it. But I'm one of those over thinkers (who me? Nah!) and the longer I process this the more I wonder? Even though Alex is graciously allowing me to use some wedding money for it, it's still a big deal at about $200.

So I'm looking it over and praying I'm doing the right thing, but then again part of me is thinking - "you know what skip it your gut is telling you don't do it"

So I'm at a crossroads - and I think I'll sit on it for awhile. For now, no Gocco. Better to save the money, right? Right?! AGREE WITH ME!