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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wedding Bee Front page News!

As promised here's the link to the font page of Wedding Bee where my invite is put up to the polls for all to see....

Okay so the link thing isn't working - I guess I'm not savvy enough to make it work. Here's another way to get to the site:


and if you scroll down you will eventually see my invites show up!

I have to say before I end this post that I really feel good about this invitation thing. I remember looking back over all these Wedding Bee posts and seeing these beautiful DIY invites that I never thought I'd be able to create. I asked a million questions and now, my invite is the one up and I'm getting a million questions! It's great.

I have a feeling after this wedding is over, I'll be on paper crafting overload and not want to touch another stamp of adhesive again for months - but until then - I'll enjoy every minute of it.