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Monday, December 17, 2007

Ready, Set, GO!

I previously typed this entry - then lost it. I hope that's not a look into the future as to how this blog is going to go from here on out.

Had you read the other post, if I hadn't somehow lost it, you would know that I planned to start this blog when I first got engaged, back in August. Even though I was a planning machine and with in 2 months had booked the venue for the reception. the church, a DJ, a photographer, a florist and decided on the general type of invitation we wanted, still had little to talk about or rather, little time to talk about it.

Now that I've found a few extra minutes between "Mommy", "Hunny" and Cleaning - here we go.

Like I said I've most the big things booked, and now I'm trying to bring our budget down to a number we can say out loud with out stuttering and possibly passing out. We do have, not only the wonderful support of our parents but also quite a bit of financial help from them, which is amazing considering that's not all that common anymore.

We recently decided we could neither live nor have a wedding with out a videographer....unfortunately shortly after that we decided we could neither live nor have a reception with out having the tables covered with linens, instead of the exposed look of VFW chairs and wood tables....

Since I'd already mailed the check for the videographer and gotten such a good deal from the Linen place, we spent the next 15 minutes thinking of all ways we actually saved money by going with those two vendors. It worked and we've convinced ourselves that we are fine and the budget isn't too bad.

Thank goodness for the reserve of money we have, otherwise this wedding would be happening in the back of a Wal-Mart with red-neck preacher missing his front tooth, spitting tobacco into a old Budwiser can, wearing a Dale Ernhardt Jr t-shirt and ending the service with "Gentlemen Start Your Engines" instead of "You many now kiss the bride"