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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why God doens't let me have the WE Network

The other week while Alex was away on business I loaded up my trusty Netfix account with girly movies I knew he wouldn't want to watch. One of the movies was Best Of Platinum Weddings. It's a TV show on the WE network, which I unfortunately do not get right now, and after seeing some of these weddings I knew why.

My little heart pounded at the sight of some of the extravagant items at these receptions, dresses so big they barely fit out the door, swans in the pond out front, crystals hanging from everything in the venue that would hold them up. Having a bottomless pocket book of money surely made these weddings a fairy tale like no other.

Not to say my day won't be a fairy tale, but these receptions looked like Miami night clubs and meadows where faeries lived. And to be honest, not everything was "Oh I love it I want it" because I'm reasonable and I know that some things aren't needed...it's a 5 hour party after all.

But one thing, just one....ohhhhh it was the thing of dreams. So trendy and cool and an amazing sight. Every single one of these weddings had one - it must be the new "It" item of high profile weddings....it is

The Martini Louge:

It's simple really, it's an ice sculpture that can really look like almost anything drink related, all with one thing in common. A ice slide/shoot, or in some cases a metal tube descending through the sculpture which dispenses the martini.

You pour the items into a shaker, shake them up and pour them into the top, it's whirls down into your waiting glass - perfectly chilled, and you've also gotten one heck of a show.

I'm not sure why I wanted something that would melt into a puddle of water which no doubt would have an alcohol level of "Dead" by the end of the night. I'm not even sure if many of the guests drink them, I know I do. But it was just that one thing, like asking your dad for a Pony when you were young...you knew you wern't going to get it but it's nice to think about.

At this point it is still a nice thought that will not be at the wedding. I haven't even looked to see what they cost because I'm sure I don't want the sticker shock. So I simply blog about it, mention it's coolness (no pun intended) and maybe one of you will have one and send me photos and I can live my dream through you.

And as a side note: No Auntie Nora....they do not have Bacardi Louges! Sorry love!


LZ said...

I am also a big fan of those fancy ice sculpture drink chillers but I'm sure they are WAY out of my budget. However, I ran across a smaller yet still fun version that I thought you might like. It would work for a pre-wedding party!

Do a search for the "Ice Luge" at UrbanOutfitters.com. (Sorry, I would post a link but it's a HUGE link) :-)

CaliOC said...

My fh and I went to a wedding last summer with at martini bar and a sushi chef for the cocktail hour -- it was insane -- the whole event was! I sat there looking around in awe, calculating everything. In my head I think it was a $300K wedding, my fh thinks it was more. Fh proposed 3 months after this wedding, and he said to me, "I hope R's wedding didn't put any ideas into your head", I responded with,"yes, it did -- that I don't want that many people or flowers that big at my event!"

Amber said...

LZ that is the coolest thing ever! OMG I am totally getting one for the Hawaiian Luau Grooms dinner we are having 2 days before hand. THANK YOU so much for showing it to me!

Laura said...

I considered myself a budget bride but did have a martini luge - out caterer did the ice sculpture for only $250, and since we could bring in our own liquor, we didn't really have an additional expense there...you never know.