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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just when I think I know what I want....I don't.

Okay - I hired a really great calligrapher Michele Clark, to hand write our place cards. I bought them, had them shipped to her and they are sitting at her place waiting to be jazzed up with her fancy penmanship.

But then I go ahead and browse through one of my other favorite wedding blogs and find these:

These beautiful creations are the brain child of Heather, blogger of the great wedding blog Road To The Asile

So now my calligrapher is holding pre-scored cards in white. And I'm trying to decide if I should do this, or something similar, with a pink and/or black top part and a white backing.....or is I should return the white ones and order pink or black......ug. I'm so indecisive.

I'm off to figure this out, and make up a mock up possibly - and worship at the feet of Heather who has refilled a burnt out August Brides DIY tank...