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Monday, June 23, 2008

Finding a Place in the World

Well, a place at a table I suppose.

I've taken into my creative rhelm the initial idea I had months back, was inspired to chage it by a wonderful blogger - who's place cards I showed off as "wanting badly" a week ago - and from those things, I came up with this:

Instead of putting a different colored ribbon on each to signify the food choice, which I wasn't too big on in the first place - I am putting it on the place card (Thank you Heather of Road to the Aisle for the inspiration!)

I'm going to do a few more, make sure I love it and then head off to bed for the night.


Laura said...

Super cute...like the rest of your things!! I can't wait to see pictures of the big day! Your hard work will certainly pay off.

DeeDee said...

What is that font-- I LOVE IT!!!!

Amber said...

It's called Feel Script it's made by Veer (www.veer.com) it's not free though so be prepared.