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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's one of THOSE days!

ARGH! I couldn't even make you understand how stressful today has been, if I riped you from your life and shoved you into my my shoes.

*I woke up to the cat hacking on a hair ball. Ew.

*Then 10 minutes later the fire alarm went off because Mr S forgot to open the bathroom window while showering and the steam set it off. Scaring Paige half to death - and sending the dog into a howling chorus.

*My daughter seems to have acquired a case of "Broken Ears" over night because nothing I say to her has sunk in, more then usual. Because of which leaving me with bigger messes to clean up, as she's not heard me yell STOP! When she is about to run through the kitchen sopping wet, covered in sand and grass.

*My house phone line is broken, I can hear it ring, but I can not answer it. When I pick up it doesn't connect and we're waiting for the phone company to come out and fix it. Yet, though I'm not answering, my answering machine isn't picking up because it can't since it won't connect, and I can't see who's calling because the ID doesn't work for the same reason - people feel the need to call and call and CALL, over and over again thinking I'm just not hearing the phone. HELLO PEOPLE - try my cell phone! DUH!

*Oh and tonight I have to meet with the music lady at the church who hates me for no real reason and find out if my music is approved.

*After that I have to rush home for Paige's soccer game.

I just want to go back to bed, and try this all over again tomorrow. Is this too much to ask?