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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to Face The Music

Okay - well today I finally meet with the church about the music. Wait, you say! Didn't you do that yesterday? Oh no. In grad tradition of this church, mere hours before the meeting, she canceled. Something about picking up a sick sister in Iowa.

So today at 1 pm I finally get to hear my music and hopefully find out if it's approved so I can move forward with my programs.

Song's I'm brining with me are:

  • God Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts (I'm walking in to)
  • If You Believe - Jim Brickman (Bridesmaids walking in to)
  • I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman (unity sand song, sung by my Uncle)
  • The Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd (Prelude)
  • Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (exite song)
  • In My Life - The Beatles (postlude)
Fingers crossed I get approved, and that she actually lets me listen to my music....


Anonymous said...

I love that you chose Beatles songs! Im a huge fan!
Love your blog by the way. I found from your post on Weddingbee.com
Wanna link each other's blogs?

Laura said...

Holy ironic...I REALLY wanted to walk into the same Rascal Flatts song. It seems so appropriate for me. Then just a week or so ago H2B says he wanted to talk to me. He was trying not to say anything or be picky about the wedding details *unless* he felt strongly about something. (A little background here, he's a traditional non-practicing Catholic, I'm just kinda mildly off-beat altogether. :-) ) He said he wanted me to walk into the notorious "Here Comes the Bride" song (fine for anyone else, but it's just not me) or Canon D (which I do kind of like.)

We went around and around about it. I could not belive out of the ENTIRE wedding that I am trying to personalize to drip and shout US, the whopping 1 minute that is 100% ALL ABOUT ME, MY TIME and I have to pick between two songs that are NOT me??? :-(

He gave in and said "Marriage is about compromise and if it is that important to you to have a pop song instead of a traditonal song I can live with it. I won't like it, but as long as you walk down the aisle to me and at the end of the day we are married, I don't care if you walk down to Highway to Hell." :-D

Awww....so after that how can I say no?! I'm bittersweet about using Canon D but when it's all done we'll be happily married and THAT is what is important.

(Sorry for the saga...really just wanted to tell you I love the songs you selected, fab choices!) :-)