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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alright. Who's The Smartass?

I excitedly checked the mailbox today for more RSVP's, my new favorite hobby! And As I pulled them out, smack on top is one from over seas - I know this for two reasons; 1) I sent them with no stamp as I didn't have access to proper postage for each of the 3 countries some invites went to and 2) the obvious air mail sticker affixed to it.

The stamp, was the funny part. If you look at the picture you will see it reads "The Curse of Frankenstein" "No one who saw it, lived to describe it" - which is too funny as it's not really "wedding-ish" and has a screaming terrified woman on it...LOL

I held it up to Mr. S and said "Alright, who's the smartass" as most the invites that went over were to his family. He stared at the airmail sticker, oblivious to the stamp - though I directly told him to "look at the stamp" LOL! When he figured it out he laughed, and said he had no clue!

It came from his family's good friend Leslie, and it suits her humor that she would choose a horror movie stamp for our RSVP - haha! I needed a good laugh!