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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Classy Fishing Themed Invite? Yah You Betcha!

OMG, I am so excited! I just finished my good friend Amy's wedding invites and I feel great! First off it was a nice break from the chaos of my own wedding plans, which today just were out of hand. And Second, to know that I was a part of her special day in such a great way, oh I could cry.

So, her lucky hubby-to-be popped the question on a boat while they were fishing, so she knew she wanted fishing incorporated somehow. She provided me with something she found that she wanted, and I tweaked it to what I could do right now, and this is the final product:

My favorite part of this whole thing is the RSVP - the wording on it, suggested in part by FutureMrs on Wedding Bee and the other wonderfully creative Hive over there:

For yes: We Will Be there Hook, Line & Sinker
For no: Sorry, Gone Fishin'

I think this will be the last project I take on before the wedding. At least a full pocket fold invite. Little things I'm ok with - but since I still have to do her programs, and thank you cards...who knows if I'll have any more time.


Future Mrs. Olson!!! said...


Amber said...

That comment before mine, would be from the owner of the invites :-)

CaliOC said...

Those are great! You are very talented.

Laura said...

These are SO flippin' cute!!

What type of adhesive do you use for pocketfolds? I am thinking of doing a pocketfold type layout for my rehearsal dinner invitations (since I am now almost wishing I had done pocketfolds for the actual invites*) but I can’t seem to find good adhesive, even if it’s layered, that holds up well. I’ve made samples and in a day or two the pieces pop apart. :-)

(*1 year has been too long for this crafty bride to plan. I have changed my mind about soooo many things!) :-)

Amanda said...

hi, love the invites! what font did you use for the large type (and your blog header) - is it the same as the Blueprint magazine font? thanks!

Amber said...

The font is called Feel Script and it's made by Veer (if you google that it will come up.)

Note- it's not a free font, it did cost $100