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Friday, June 13, 2008

Round Two with the Music Man

Well I got a response from him today and while he apologized for being unintentioanlly rude, he went on to say that he didn't want a "Secular love song undermining our service"



1 - I'm not having a "service" I'm having a (say it with me now) wedding CEREMONY. I've already given my life to Christ in church many, many years ago. The ceremony is for me to give my life and love to my husband....I'm not trying to convert people here and there's nothing "service like" happening during this. Besides, this is a Lutheran church, normally laid back folk - what did he slip, fall and get Catholic all over him? God isn't going to strike the church down because "Here Comes The Sun" is played on the piano.

2 - If he wants to go a few rounds toe to toe with someone about "secular musice undermining anything....I'll be more then happy to replace my simple and lovely Beatles songs with the following Christian band from England The Band With No Name (a.k.a TBWNN), who I happen to quite like - and I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that even Christian music can "undermine" a wedding...(or at least be totally inappropriate for that type of day - now the reception...bring it on ;-)

Please note a visual here, you must envision me in my wedding dress skipping to the alter doing the "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" motion the whole way down.

(PS Props to my soon to be COUSIN CLAIRE and UNCLE DAVID because David shot this video and you can see Claire jumping around somewhere in the foreground)