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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happiness comes from the Mail Box

Okay, so maybe the mailbox didn't look like this today, but I did get my first RSVP and it certainly made me feel awesome!

My cousin was the first to send it in, the little pink envelope arrived just after 11 with the rest of the mail - Mr S barely made it down the driveway with the days letters and bills before I was hollering out the window scared to death half the invites were returned to me due to poor addressing.

"Are there any invites in there"

He replied with "What's this" looking at a larger envelope


clearly still ignoring me, he fumbled through and shows me the RSVP envelope, holding it like a trophy....

"Yes dear, ok are there any invites in there!?" Was I being vauge?

Him: "What?"

Me: "Invites? Huh??? Really I've asked three times now" and I'm still hollering out the window at this point.

He shows me the RSVP envelope again.

"Seriously any large pink envelopes or just the one small one?" I was about to scream.

Him: "Oh this is it"

ARGH, yeah really would that have been difficult to tell me in the first place. I only asked 4 times. Sometimes I think his brain produces a chemical that over rides the sound of my voice. But I love him. Deaf or not.

(photo credit istock photo)