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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Well Wish Cards, Come out come out where ever you are!

As the wedding draws nearer, I am sure I will be posting more then once a day. Luckily this outlet also spares poor Mr S from the constant dribble of wedding info that flows out of my mouth, hour after hour. Not to mention the cringing sensation, clenching of the check book and immediate onset of a migrane every time I thinkwe "need" something for the wedding.

That aside, I need this....no really. I swear!

What's "this" you ask - only the coolest thing on the planet and my day will be horrible if I don't have it...alright, a little over dramatic but I do want it...

Well Wish Cards are the eye candy of the moment:

What are well wish cards? Well we are using them in lieu of a traditional guest book, each guest will write a note, some advice, things like that and slip it in the glass bowl. I found these awesome samples on Mrs Strawberry's blog page on Wedding Bee. The last ones, are the ones she used and I want them - BAD. The designer she used is sadly, "Taking a break" right now and who knows how long that could be....*sniff sniff*

I have googled these, searched for them, filed through blog after blog and can not find anyone other then this one designer that makes them. Yes, I can design my own but my concern is finding a way to print them so they look this amazing, full color front and back....

Sigh, I'm off to continue my search and will probably end up printing them at home....even though I don't wanna.....;-)


Mike & Manda said...

What about ordering mini moo cards from moo.com They might work for what you want, then again, they may not!

Amber said...

Ohh I love the site! Unfortunatly the minis are too small and the post cards are a bit too much...I'd go broke order. I love the site though and am so keeping it in mind for other things I know I want to do! You rock thanks!

You leaving that comment made me think of www.vistaprint. and their flat note cards, and postcards....hmmm - you sparked something!!!