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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Updates...updates...and only 11 more days.....

Don't panic...not until the wedding, until the invites go out...are they ready....um....not so much. I'm waiting on some more RSVP's from good ol' step dad to arrive and I'm assembling them until then.

The 2x2 sticker I bought to replace my seal I created (for the belly band) , may not be here on time and I'm a bit anxious about that one. I'm watching my mailbox like a hawk!

Oh! We met with our pastor last night, funny story - know how the first two bailed on us, one canceling hours before the meeting....this one tired the same thing LOL! Canceling that is, not bailing. Once she found out she was Pastor numero tres she gladly stuck with the original time.

She's AWESOME, by the way. Love her to bits! She was dressed all cute in a denim skirt, ABOVE her knees (SHAME! LOL) and likes non-religious music. She's totally a pastor for Alex and I. She even at one point said she'd like to make the "fist pound" the new national handshake among Lutherans. Hahaha! LOVE IT!

Mr S and I got to hear a little about our PREPARE class, quiz thingy we did. We are fully compatible. Thank you, Hold your applause ;-) It's tough being perfect you know...hehe.

Um what else, what else....I'm hunting for a calligrapher for the seating arrangements for the tables, figuring out the guest list and crying over how OVER we are (it's going to be a hell of a party) and all in all trying not to lose my mind with so little time until the wedding.

Next month, when people ask me when I'm getting married....i can say NEXT MONTH. Trippy.


babagrlshell said...

Dude skip the calligrapher and use your printer!!! Trust me you can totally find a great font the people think is hand done but is actually printed- I did it for my invites and had three people ask who my calligrapher was b/c they wanted to use her/him... lol I was like ummm they are from out of town. :)