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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making a list, checking it WAY more then twice!

At my FMIL's house yesterday I started to make a list of things I have left to do. I think that I'm basically going to have to carry this notebook with me everywhere because things keep coming to me out of the blue, and then I'm searching for post-it note to write it on until I can get it on the "Master List"

You can kinda tell from the photo that on the whole list, I've marked off one thing....well I suppose thats not bad for only havening it one day.

What's on the list? Well let me share with you, maybe I'll remember other things that need to be completed at the same time.

  • Complete Programs
  • Complete Place Cards
  • Bag Crystals for Centerpiece, 1 bag per centerpiece.
  • Make and Print Favor Tags
  • Favor for the Kids (they don't want coasters!)
  • Figure out the Well Wish Cards (Plain/Printed/Both)
  • Get Photos for Memory Table Framed
  • Make Grooms Dinner Invites
  • Marriage License
  • Bring Photo of Bouquet to Florist
  • E-mail Vince About Grandma
  • Reception Only Invites
  • Bathroom Baskets
  • Order Sand for Sand Ceremony
  • Buy Umbrellas for Bridesmaids, in case of rain (rained 7 years in a row on my day!)
  • Schedule Mani-Pedi for the day before wedding!
  • E-mail reception about starch choice.
Where you see empty lines, are things I have completed - I guess I had one more thing then I realized done! Woo Hoo.

And as our beach outing was put on hold today due to what is supposed to be kinda crappy weather, I may run to the florist instead and then to get the marriage license!!!