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Friday, June 27, 2008

Stupid %&*@!# Post Office.

You can feel free to add any colorful swear word of your choice in the title of this blog. Have fun with it!

I do seriously hate the post office. Want to know why? Well, too bad I'm telling you anyway.

Aside from the simple fact that postage increased AFTER I bought stamps, but BEFORE I mailed out invites....which caused me to have to sell them outright, cheaper then I bought them.


Now they seem to have a total inability to actually get MY mail to ME! Today I finally received my marriage license, 5 days later then I was supposed to. Assumming the county was backed up I didn't think anything of it - turns out the Post Man delivered it to the wrong address and thankfully whoever got it put it back in the mail box with "Forward to correct address" written on it.

Now, I contacted the county just to find out what would have happened if I didn't get it back - I wouldn't have been allowed to reapply for one for like another 3 months...or something like that, I was only partially listening because the anger building in my stomach was being forced out my ears in the form of steam! Basically, I wouldn't have been able to get married if the sweet people who returned that envelope didn't do what they did.

I mean, come on - it's a surprise I got it back because you know you're guilty too of getting something not addressed to you and you toss it out. Yeah, normally if it's important looking you'll put it back in the box...but in most cases - hello trash can city!

So....aside from that - oh yes there's more, haven't you heard things happen to me in groups of shit, not just one little pile here or there. The post office lost one of our credit card bills. Delivered it to the wrong person, dropped it in the gutter, sent it to Bora Bora - who the hell knows! We don't have it thats for damn sure. But we did get the phone call from the company wanting there money....and a LATE FEE!

Now it's not any credit card, it's the one we put the rings on. And we had like 1 chance to pay off something to avoid the interest building because of some strange string of events with the purchase...now we have the interest to pay, the late fee and the actual payment....will the drop the charge...nope. Who believes such a stupid story like "The mailman lost it" it's like telling your professor the dog ate your homework.

I went in, I told the delivery manager...he reassured me that there is "a card" in my box telling people to be careful with my mail. Which concerns me because A) I know "She's a major bitch" is on there somewhere in bright red letters and B) you have to be REMINDED to be careful with peoples mail??? You're the F-ING post office for crying out loud, it's your JOB!


I think I know what happened to the RSVP's 4 people in the state told me they sent back but I've not received.

I hate the Post Office!


Tayia said...

I can completly relate. My postguy gave our neighbors our mail. Our neighbors were the ones who told us this. Only they had "misplaced" it and it took a week to get it back!

You are hilarious by the way! I love your blog!

hwong14 said...

Hey, this is really late (as are all my comments, but I'm creeping closer to real-time!), but if you ever have something like that happen with a credit card, you can always ask them to remove the late fee AND the accompanying interest. This usually works best if you have a legitimate excuse (and the mailman lost it IS legitimate), if you have a really good history of always paying your bills on time, and even better if you always/generally/sometimes pay them off in full. Most companies have a policy that they'll do it for you once a year or something like that. You just have to ask.