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Sunday, June 1, 2008

You Regitered for WHAT?!

Mr S and I have a pretty established household. With my living on my own with a child before moving in with him, and he having been married once before - we have a lot of those little kitchen/home things and don't really need much more, and what we do need is replacement for the mix matched, broken and odd numbered we have now.

So back in February when I first blogged about registering for gifts and how asking for things was a little hard for me, I now look over my lists and wonder if people will think Mr. S and I crazy?

Sure, we have china, silverwear, and stemwear on our list - but we also have things like:

The Airzone Spring Trampoline and Enclosure
You'd think it was for Paige, but it's not!! Alex and I really want one. We're goofy like that!

Our yard is huge, and Alex having been a gymnast - he's dying to perfect that back flip again!

And sure, Paige will like it too I suppose.

Cadburry Crunchie Bars

Candy, We registered for CANDY? Damn skippy we did! Apparently you've never had one, and being that they are only available in England (and several World Markets around here I never seem to get to) we did in fact register for them.

We do get them at Christmas, but isn't a wedding a grand enough occasion for Crunchie Bars? I believe it is ;-)

Frisbee Golf Target

Never played? Oh your missing out! Here's a run down for those who don't know, frisbee golf is played on a course just like golf. Only you throw frisbees, and try to hit this target.

Oh and trust me, the shot is never straight on. They stick them in the woods, uphill from the T-off point....anyway practice needed and again, with our yard - you can come on over and we'll teach you how to play!

We're a little weird, but that's why people love us!