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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finished 6x6 Pocketfold Invites!

Here they are, in all their glory. Months of work, waiting, freaking out and gluing tiny gems to paper and here they are! And they are almost ready to mail!

I have to admit that of all the steps: Designing, Printing, Cutting and Assembling - cutting was by far the worst part and the most time consuming!!!

Here's a quick run down of how it all came together.

  • After the jewels were glued onto the invite and the invite stuck to the pink backing piece, I then stuck that whole piece into the pocketfold.
  • Then I handed off the pocketfold to Mr S, who stuffed in the Drections/ Information card and the Reception/Accommodations cards and set that off to the side.
Now it was time to get the RSVP's in - and since I had 6 different RSVP's, and each one had to be numbered to coincide with the guests number on my Excel spread sheet this step tooo a little longer then expected.

  • Mr S would read me the name off the mailing envelope (which I printed up months ago) I would find them on the list, write the number on the back lower corner of the RSVP and he would stuff it in, then lay the whole thing with it's envelope, in a big white box to wait for it's belly band.

The belly band will be the last thing to go on, I tried making the seals at home and honestly gave up cutting them out and simply ordered some sticker ones instead. Sure it was an added $40 for 250, but I'll use them all through out the wedding planning and what not, and it will save me a load of time.
I'm still finding time to take on design projects, be they for invites, programs, thank you cards, Let me know and do it soon if you're thinking about it. Soon I'll be shutting down design until after my wedding and honeymoon - so mid-Sept!!!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

very cute!

tina said...

I don't know what's more incredible -- your invites or the fact that you got your fiance to help out. Those are beautiful. I can't believe that you cut those yourself. I HATE cutting. I am sending my invite labels off to some person on etsy to cut them for $20.

Amber said...

Well I gave up and I had the seals for my belly band printed, thats why they are not on the finished invites.

And I've been really lucky with Mr S - he loves to help and is really into this wedding, just not the cost of it...LOL.

tosha said...

well here's my question...
how did you get the design to show up as one whole one on the inserts? it can't be as hard as i'm making it out to be!

I just have to tell you. your stationary/wedding design is SO inspiring. thank you for the resources too, i purchased a few of the brush packs and have made my mock up invites that i am 99% sure will be "the one"!

Amber said...

I tired to sign in yesterday and I had issues with Blogger....

I started to make the inserts, by making the back one first. The largest - with nothing but the element on it (swirls). I would then crop down according to size the middle one, and then the last one from the middle one.

Did that make sense? I would save each individually as I made it and then I went back to add the info.

I am sure there is an easier wayto do it, but at the time this is what I came up with.

babagrlshell said...


Sheri said...

All the invites you have made are gorgeous! I would looooove your input when I start making mine. Where did you get the envelopes?

Amber said...

The envelopes came from www.envelopemall.com I love them and by far have the cheapest stardream paper available.

A little note about the envelope size, if you're going square not that there is an extra postage charge for mailing square envelopes and if you use the 6x6, you will have crossed into the "large envelope" pricing - sop expect $1.00 each to mail if you use exactly the same size as mine.

priscillap said...

What kind of printer did you use to print your invites?

Amber said...

I had my step dad print these for me on a laser printer, you can use on the ink jet as long as you lay out the sheets over night to dry. When using metallic paper sometimes the ink takes a bit to dry.

tosha said...

Okay, I'm having major issues here!
I have designed all of the inserts & the invite in Photoshop, like i would with any other design product. I have all the demensions worked out, everything is ready to print.

When I go to print, it comes out completely blurry and out of focus. I'm printing on a brand new Epson Stylus, which has been recommended on Wedding Bee and many other sites.

Is there any trick to printing these so they're more clear? How do I get rid of the pixelation and blurriness?!

Amber said...

I'm guessing you didn't design the image to a high enough DPI - (dots per inch) which is what makes the blurriness.

They need to be 300 dpi for printing. Simply going in to change it now will not fix it, you will have to make them all over again. :-( I'm sorry hun. There's no way to remove blurriness...

tosha said...

Okay, I know this is so bad of me to keep coming at you with questions and I am so so so sorry but you're the only person who has a similar design concept/paper.

What printer did you use? I bought the recommended Epson, as I mentioned in my last comment. I got the crystal stardream paper you recommeded.

I redesigned my invites, at a 300dpi (how did i not think of this... i have no idea), and pushed print. Quality and crispness is amazing, except the fact that the red in my invites has turned polka dotted - i assume from the texture of the pearly paper.

are there any special settings you used to print these?

also, please feel free to tell me to GTFO and I wont bother you again. you're just so helpful.

Amber said...

I'm not really sure why that would be happening at all. I didn't print my invites - my step dad did the printing on his laser printer. So I'm sorry that I can't be of more help to you - I would maybe call the Epsom people because maybe it's a defect of some sort - I didn't have this trouble printing red on stardream when I made my friends (ex friends) invites. Sorry hun

Courtney said...

Hello Amber.

I love your invitations. I am Doing my own invites and can am a bit familiar with photoshop and illustrator. I was just wondering where you got the swirls from for your invites, if you dont mind me asking? Were they brushes or a stock photo?