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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You, Thank You....

I'm horrible. I haven't even started my thank you cards. It's odd for me, normally I'm writing them out about 60 seconds after I get the gift! It's not for lack of thank you cards, if you'll remember I made and ordered several dozen a few months back. It's more because....well I just don't like them anymore.....and being as photo oriented as I am I really want to send a photo thank you out.

So Alex and I discussed it and we're going to make some new ones. It's not like the other folded cards we have won't get used, they will over the years I know. The only issue now - picking a design I like and of course waiting to get the final photos from the photographer who has already worked harder and faster then anyone I know to get me my sneak peek.

I just hope that if it takes another few weeks to get it all said and done and mailed that I won't seem rude for not having sent them out sooner. I don't even know the etiquette on this one? Anyone know???

Here's a few I have found that I like so far.....sans photo of Alex and I - obviously.

Image and design credit: www.photocarddesigns.com

Image and design credit: www.photocarddesigns.com

Image and Design credit: www.lilduckduck.com

Photo and Design credt: www.photoaffections.com and thencomesmarriage.com

The last one I would alter to say Thank You of course.

It just seems so wrong not to share the photo memories of the day with those who traveled from near and far to share in our day. And of course do some shamless promoting for my good friend and awesome photographer Kari Layland.
I will of course make them myslef with some inspiration from these amazing cards..I'll keep you updated on what I end up making when I get the amazing photos back from Kari.


hwong14 said...

When it comes to when to write your thank yous, pretty much ASAP is the rule of thumb. You do NOT have a year to write thank yous -- that's a myth that has somehow been propagated. I think 2 months has been thrown around on various sites as a reasonable deadline, but in reality, they should just be sent out as soon as possible, in batches if necessary.

All that said, I love the idea of a photo thank you card, and if I were your guest, I think it would be OK to wait to get one if it came with a picture. Good luck!

Amber said...

I've heard 2-3 months so don't stress it!