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Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Ordinary Cake!

As you might know from previous posts, I'm a bit obsessed with a show on Food Network called Ace of Cakes. For those of you who don't know, it's a reality show where they follow the shop owner, Duff Goldmen and his staff at Charm City Cakes to see what it takes to make some of the countries most interesting and amazing cakes.

The show is based in Baltimore (thanks for the correction "L", no more blogging before coffee for me), which you may notice isn't exactly near Minnesota...so needless to say when it came time for look at wedding cakes and grooms cakes, I had to write the fine people at Charm City Cakes off my list.

I searched and searched for a place in Minnesota that would make me something unique, but after a month of looking I realized no one was going to step out of the cake pan for me.

Until one day, completely by accident I come across a website for a gal based in Minnesota who makes unique and amazing themed cakes! Miss Sara of Miss Sara's Cakery I was thrilled and wasted no time in placing my order for Alex's SURPRISE grooms cake, to be delivered to him on the night of the rehearsal dinner.

The cake was a recreation of a pond he used to fish at in England, with him sitting on the bank. A plate of food sits next to him as he would never come home for dinner, his mother would bring it to him with. The main part of the cake is a HUGE carp, to represent the amazingly sized 19.5 carp he caught at the age of 11.

I had no idea what this would look like until it showed up, and I was so in love with it I almost didn't want to eat it!!! Alex loved it as well, and to look on his face was priceless!!

If you are in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area and are looking for great unique cake for ANY occasion - call Miss Sara! I highly recommend her shop and will certainly be going back myself!!!


L said...

That cake is amazing! It looks like he loved it. I just have one correction: "Ace of Cakes" is based in Baltimore (Baltimore is known as "Charm City"). The girls from the show are friends of mine who have generously offered to make my cake AND be my bridesmaids! The entire staff is wonderful, but it looks like you found your own Food-Network-Worthy masterpiece!

Amber said...

See what happens when I blog before coffee...I make an ass out of myself...LOL!

The cake was great, but I would have still loved to have a Duff Original!

Thanks for correcting me - I'm going to go back and fix it now. :-)

Miss Shortcake said...

Aughh! That cake is so much fun! I'm glad you were able to find a good baker, in the end!

Ps. I've added you to my blogroll at www.ourlittlehaus.com!

An Atlanta Bride said...

Now THAT'S one of the best CAKES for a guy ever!!