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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where's The Music....

I'm waiting to hear from my DJ. Yes, I know that my wedding is in 13 days, hence why I'm a bit worried.

I talked to them a month ago and was assured that they just tend not to assign a specific DJ until a month before the wedding, and that they would go anywhere and meet me at a any hour to take care of things. This eased me a bit but I was expecting to hear from them sooner then this.

I like to be on top of things, and this last minute issue is going to drive me insane until they call. I did e-mail them on Thursday with no response yet. I'm giving them until next Wednesday and then I will start looking for a back up. I've paid the $225 deposit with another $400 going to them if they hurry the heck up.

I'm really worried that I'm not going to find a back up if something should happen. Now, I should add that while I'm not ready to list the DJ's name because I have no ill fee lings towards them as of yet - they do not have anything on their BBB that is negative. So, as far as that I shouldn't worry too much about it - but that's what I do and I am good at it!!!

I'll keep you updated on things....fingers crossed people!