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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Terrible Travel Agent Strikes Again!

Seems that the closer to the wedding we get the faster little things are going wrong. Like the DJ not responding to me yet, and now my stupid travel agent!

You might remember me venting here or on Wedding Bee (if you visit there) about the agent from hell who was so terrible at her job that I wanted to scream! Friendly, upfront and informative is what I got until I announced that we were booking our trip and then once the commission bells went off in her head, it was bye bye customer service.

To recap - the first thinng she did was totally mangle the terms of our travel insurance, so much so that we thought we were covered to get back 100% should anything come up that we needed to cancel. Yeah that was totally wrong! 50% back IF we are ON the honeymoon and have to go home. Yeah, it's her job to know this...and this is what I get.

So anyway, I called them a few months back asking for a receipt that showed everything was paid. They said they don't send them, the ones they send look like invoices and then the "just know" it's paid off. Unhappy with that, as any normal person would be I asked if they could just make one up for me and they said sure. Did I ever get it - no.

Then I asked them where our tickets were and how I would go about getting them. I was informed that all I needed was the info they mailed me, to present it at the airport and my tickets would be there. I don't travel much anymore, and when I did I was young so my dad took care of it all. Not to mention that I never have used a travel agent in my life! Needless to say this made sense to me and I planned to do what she said even though my paper work looked like nothing more then an itinerary to me.

Just now, in my e-mail I get a letter from her saying that my travel documents were ready to be picked up. WTF!?

Okay, I'm busy so I asked if whatever this is if it could be mailed to me. I'm sure I can take a few minutes to run there but I think that if I see her in person I might scream at her and cause a scene.

I can not for the life of me figure this lady out. Ugh! How does she even keep her job with all the mess ups. I mean getting an e-mail that I needed to pick something up is better then her totally forgetting, but how hard is it to answer simple, normal every day questions related to your job?