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Monday, August 11, 2008

Travel Agent Update

After exchanging many e-mails today that really got me nowhere at all, I finally was able to decipher what it was exactly that I was getting.

Her first e-mail, the one that sparked my whole previous rant went like this:

Hi Amber,
Your travel documents are ready for your pick up. We are open until 6pm on Monday and Thursday. Five pm on tuesday, wed and friday.

Obviously from that I gathered that my travel documents ( which I was told that I already have) would be ready....duh, right?

So I then asked her if she could mail whatever it was to me so that I didn't need to go in, and to clarify what exactly it was that I was picking up.

Her only response was that she would mail them. Didn't bother to answer the other question.

When I again sent the question via-e-mail she finally sent this to me:

You received a nice leather bound travel document holder for your honeymoon from NW World vacations. I can put it in the mail if you want.

Now would you kindly explain how I was supposed to gather from that first e-mail there were no actual documents there for me, but a leather travel case? Seriously, I am the only one who managed to miss it, or is it really that she's just that crazy?


Amber said...

I cannot believe your travel agent! How frustrating. Talk about a poor communicator! Hang in there with these last 2 weeks!