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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The past few days...

This is the first blog written from my new laptop! KNowing that we wanted tot ake one on the honeymoon,but not wating to take Mr S. very expensive Alienwear laptop - we popped into best buy yo pick up a more portable and cheaper lap top. Though I did really want a pink one, it just wasn't in the cards - and I ended up with black,. I do intend to put one of those sticker things on the front of it to change the color at some point ;-)

So reat assured you will be getting updates and photos from the honeymoon! Even though Mr S is trying to make me promise not to do it at all, I informed him that me readers deserve updates ;-)

I also, yesterday attended a wedding for our good friends Mr and Mrs F, if you recaall I made table name cards for her a few months back. Her wedding was amazing and left me overly anxious to have my own day. Until seeing hers, my days was still a bit of a dream . Even with all the planning, talk and money spent it was yet "real".

I soi enjoyed sharing my wedding month with her. I read a lot on Wedding Bee how some people have a hard time sharing it thinking that it's "stealing thunder" and what not, and I just don't get how that is!!! Mrs F was one of my greatest support systems throughout and still is even though her day is now past. I loved sharing it with someone else, and more over I'm happy she went first because now I know that I too can make it with out freaking out and needing to breath into a paper bag most of the day :-)

I will upload pictures from her day soon. As I'm on the laptop and with out my trust Photoshop (sigh) I haven't a clue how to make my digital images smaller for use on the blog page.

Today I am off again, no wedding stuff in sight for me. I am going to hang out with other friends from Denmark and the in laws for what will be I'm sure a very interesting BBQ!

Later ladies!