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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

U-G-L-Y You Ain't Got No Alibi!

I'm not having a bachlorette party. GASP! Right? Not really.

I don't do the crowded bar with over priced watered down drinks thing, or squeezing into my old clubbing clothes. It's not that I don't like them or think that they aren't fun. I'm just not doing it because it's not me, where I'm at in my life.

However; at one point, back before I was actually engaged or even considering marriage I did have a really great idea, I swore I would do when it was turn for my Bachlorette party.

I wanted to have a totally bad prom dress themed bachlorette party! Swing into Goodwill or hit up eBay, grab the most outdated or totally ugly dress, accessorize the part and hit the bars!

My reason was because in high school I never got to go to prom for one reason or another. So I was determined that my wedding would make up for the 4 missed proms and to kick it all off, dress up in other peoples discarded fashion disasters!

In honor of my, never used yet brilliant idea here is a collection of the ugliest dresses I could find.

The Hello Kitty Dress

The Red Disaster!
Not Everything Pink is Cute

And last but not least The Green Monster

To see these and other ugly dresses please vists www.uglydress.com
Please credit UglyDress.com for having the time, patience and stomach to gather all these dresses into one place!


Amber said...

Ok, so these similarities REALLY NEED TO STOP! I really thought that our thyroid connection would be the last, and then I read your post, and my theory went out the window.

Guess what I did for my bacholorette party? I had a re-wearable bridesmaid dress party, and I wore a hideous old wedding dress. No joke. My sister had been in a bazillion weddings so she had a great selection, but I also had one friend wear one of her old prom dresses! I never posted the photos online, but I will try to find the group shot and send it to you.

I knew a girl that wore a VERY similar dress to the last green dress you posted to her prom. It was cute back in the day. My how times have changed.