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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last Minute Stresses...

11 days out from them wedding, and for the most part everything wedding related is taken care of. My programs are not yet printed and I have to order the sand for the sand ceremony. Aside from that the only thing that's really getting under my skin is the guest list....

I had all the RSVP's in, or not heard from phone, e-mail, myspace or heck even smoke signal if the remaining few were attending. It stands to reason that more then likely they would not be. So I sent in final numbers, and did my seating chart, the chart board for the reception, and all that jazz.

Then guess what happens, just guess....oh yea I get an e-mail telling me that I had missed several phone calls (which I didn't mind you) as this guest was ever so hard trying to get a hold of me....yeah right. So now, since he is coming and wants to being an undisclosed guest - which I'm not happy about as I need a name for the place card and seating chart. So I have to re-do EVERYTHING! The bit of the seating chart that will be effected by moving people around, call the venue, add more meals.

UGH! I'm so irritated. And of course the guest isn't responding to my e-ails again. I half tempted not to change anything and let him suffer....lol.