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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And On The Doorstep She Found...


During my lazy day with my daughter I heard the screen door to the breezeway close. Knowing it was much to early for Mr S to be home, I figured it was a gift, or I hoped it was anyway ;-)

The UPS truck was just pulling away when I got there and found a rather large box. Totally excited I hauled it into the kitchen and ripped it open like a kid on Christmas.

Inside I found a large blue bag tied with a lime green ribbon

The card attached was simple and to the point, and had no name as to who it was from:

And inside the bag was this:

It's a combo 2 CD player and and iHome in one! I'm super excited! I had to go and see who it from, so that I can send a thank you card, it turned out to be from Mr. S' Brother! What a nut, why wouldn't he put his name on any of the info in the box!


Ms. 122 said...

THAT is the most perfect card ever! even without his name in it. i would treasure that one forever!