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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Funny!

So my bridesmaid from Montana arrived in town today and called to say hello. She said

"I have something really funny you're going to laugh at, I forgot my dress at home"

I stopped breathing!

I think my silence scared her and she said "OMG I'm just kidding! I have it I'm sorry!"

It's funny now but man did I panic for a second....she's lucky I love her so much...hehehe


Liesal said...

Ah! That is NOT funny! Sadly though my cousin did that. She was a BM in her brother's wedding in rural CO and forgot her dress in AK, so her sister's boyfriend hopped a redeye flight to get it and made it back just in time for the pictures before the wedding. So in the end everything was fine, but the bride was sure stressing!

Ms. 122 said...

if i were you i wouldn't have laughed, but because i am me...i did. :-/ it's a little funny!