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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bridezilla Meets Momzilla

I did something last night I vowed to never do during the course of my wedding planning - I watched WE TV's Bridezilla.

Now I know that they make thing seem worse then they really are, because that's what gets ratings but the one I watched made me so sick to my stomach that I had to try not to track this girl down and scream at her!

I watched episode 10, with a gal named Kristen in it. Typical wedding day stuff, she was always running behind, freaked out because her 5 year old nephew got lost and no one was paying attention to her....whatever.

The bit that got me, and I wish I could have found the clip for you, is when she's in the car going to her rehearsal. Her 2 year old is sitting next to her in the back seat and every other word out of her mouth is the F-Bomb. She swore more in a 2 minute clip then a sailor after a bottle of gin!

Was she just that horrible of a parent that she could have cared less her impressionable child was sitting next to her? Aside from her filthy dirty, trashed house, obnoxious mother and other things, she was slowly teaching her daughter the fine art of Trailer Trash Speak 101. I spent most my time cringing and hoping that it would over soon.

That woman needs some serious parenting help. Obviously what ever she learned from her mother was WRONG! People agravate me! I just had to vent about this one....


hbowar said...

I saw that episode too! That girl was crazy! I couldn't believe how she was acting. I started doing other things while it was on! I couldn't take it!

Amanda said...

My FI and I watched that one too- and that is exactly what we were thinking! Nevermind the tacky MOTB dress, frizzy bridal updo, and obvious lack of communication skills between the bride and groom- who the heck speaks like that in front of their child? We were equally appalled.