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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm skipping a few days, and jumping to yesterday - I'll back track again don't worry.

We didn't get hit with Gustav, but we got some really cool weather here because of him moving towards Cuba! The wind was so cool and the waves were huge, but pretty far out due to a sand bar about a 1/4 mile off shore. We got a little rain, a sprinkle really and it wasn't enough to get us out of the pool! ;-)

The only really bad part of yesterday was the fact I managed to get stung by a bee! YEOUCH! Luckily I was chatting with a great older couple and they realized the stinger was still stuck in my side and helped me get it out. I was a bit panicked...go figure...me panicked....lol.

Here's some shots of the waves and what not. It really was very cool!!!! The photos don't do it as much justice as I had hoped, the wind was about 40 + miles and the waves that actually did reach the shore still knocked you over, even while sitting as you will see in the video...