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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get It Together!

I was sitting with Paige this afternoon, watching something or other on Disney Channel, when the phone rang. The caller ID said it was the church and figuring they were calling to go over last minute details I answered.

It was the Wedding Coordinator for the church curious as to where we were, because it was 3 and our rehearsal was starting and we weren't there. Dumbfounded, I asked her what she was talking about, our rehearsal is on the 21st at 3, not the 14th at 3.

She said her paper work indicated that this was the day that we requested, and I explained that it was the FIRST day we requested but due to out of town and out of country participants in the wedding it was impossible and we changed it. I even have the paper work to back it up.

She looked over her calendar and said "Okay well the 21st isn't going to be a problem" Damn skippy there's no problem! Had she told me we couldn't do it now I think I would have went Bride-zilla on her!

This isn't the first time she's made a mistake. Last month she try to charge us the remaining $800 for the church fee -AGAIN! Thankfully I had the receipt and the paperwork to prove that as well.

To be honest I can totally see why she screws up so much, first of of all she's like 70 and I don't discriminate against the elderly at all - but if you have a job and a really important one at that....ugh! And she's only in the office for 2 days a week for 2 hours at a time....

I'm laughing about this now, only because it worked out.


Ms. 122 said...

omg. thank goodness it worked out, what a wackadoo!