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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's Left To Do?

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What's left to do with this little time before the wedding? Well according to wedding checklists all over the place - this is what I have left to do:

  • 2 Months Before
    • Mail the invitations. --->Did that last month
    • Decide on your wedding vows or compose your own. ---> Did this last month
    • Finalize the reception menus. ---> Did this in Feburary
    • Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant. --->Done
    • Have the programs printed.
    • Purchase gifts for parents and attendants. ---> Half way done.
    • Make appointments for nails and make-up. ---> All booked but nails.
    • Schedule final dress fitting. ---> Done that, it's on the 12th!
So knowing I had all that done, I ventured into the 1 Month Before the wedding, hoping something in there would keep me busy for today, no not really.
  • 1 Month Before
    • Apply for a marriage licence. ---> Had it for 2 weeks now
    • Plan the rehearsal dinner. ---> That's been done forever!
    • Meet with photographer and videographer. ---> Finished this last month
So I'm ahead, a little. All I have left on that whole list is to pick up some extra bridesmaids gifts and print off the programs....seriously why am I so stressed out half the time?

Here are a few actual things I do need to get done:

  • Figure out WTH I'm doing with my hair
  • Find pictures of makeup I like to bring to the stylist
  • Finish the seating chart
  • Figure out WTH to give the kids for favors
  • Try to figure out how we'll manage to pay for the rest of this wedding.


CaliOC said...

I have 1 month 1 day before my wedding. I feel like I have soooo much to do! If you are really looking for something to work on you can come help me! :-)